Getting a Raise: An Older Man Younger Woman Billionaire MFMM Experience by Lolita Minx

Not bad for a day's work...

Getting a raise: an older man younger woman billionaire mfmm experience

I'd never been very career oriented. Never aspired to be anything other than the receptionist who greeted visitors and answered the phone. But when my man, Gary, and I had decided to buy a house and needed to increase our income, I came up with the ultimate plan to earn a raise at the office.

The three partners of the company where I worked were loaded, and obviously frustrated at home. I decided to try my luck at the month-end meeting, to see if I couldn't do them a few favours, to earn a little raise.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English

Keywords: sex at work, orgy, exhibitionism, workplace erotica, gang bang erotica, sex with the boss, double penetration

Word Count: 3945

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