Forex Trading for Beginners by Owen Jones

Knowledge is safety...

A newbie's guide to the basics of Forex

Forex trading for beginners

The information in this ebook on FOREX trading and related subjects is

organised into 15 chapters of about 500-600 words each.

It will help you work out trading strategies and it may even help you venture out into a new profitable hobby. The least that it will do is save you hundreds on professional advice, but as an added bonus:

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1: How To Be Successful At Forex Day Trading

The Forex trading market is the biggest market in the world by far. In fact it is bigger than all the stock exchanges in the world put together. Trading goes on day and night seven days a week and there are millions of individuals, companies and even governments using the Forex to make money every minute. However, do not let this fool you into believing that trading Forex is easy money, because it is not.

Most Forex traders buy and sell on a long term basis, but others trade much more frequently buying and selling the same position within 24-72 hours. These traders are called 'day traders'. In order to trade Forex profitably you will need to learn the ropes.

One of the best methods of doing this is to open a practice Forex trading account. Most of the online Forex trading companies offer a practice account and the best ones offer free accounts and free practice accounts too. Again, the best Forex trading companies offer free technical and fundamental analysis along with access to all historical financial data and current financial reports.

If you have never traded Forex before, you will almost certainly lose money, unless you are lucky, but you do not want to be relying on good fortune when you use your own, real money. You will want to be relying on ability and information, although hoping for a bit of good luck too is not uncommon.

At the same time as you are learning to use all the financial and analytical tools at your disposal, you should endeavour to develop a sense of detachment from your trades. Never become emotionally involved with one of your trades. It sounds daft, but people do become attached to a trade and lose touch with reality. This is a big mistake and one that professionals do not make.

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