Forever in Your Arms by Amanda Mariel

Desire blazes, destinies entwine, and the heart of a scoundrel yearns to be tamed.

Forever in your arms

Embark on a journey through desire and destiny in the captivating conclusion to the A Castle Romance series. As love and longing intertwine, discover whether a scoundrel can be tamed by the touch of a true gentlewoman.

Lady Phoebe Summerville, spirited and untamed, finds herself caught in the throes of a serendipitous encounter. Perched amidst the branches of a tree, she surrenders to the arms of a mysterious stranger. The unexpected spark of connection ignites a fire within her, a sensation she vows to dismiss upon returning to the quiet haven of Yorkshire. Little does she anticipate that destiny has entwined their fates, and their paths are destined to cross once more.

Graham Markham, the enigmatic Duke of Fairfax, is well-versed in the intricacies of society's rules. Yet, in the presence of Lady Phoebe, his resolve falters. Her allure beckons him, and a desire unlike any other takes hold. Despite his caution, Graham finds himself ensnared by her charm, a passion that defies reason and refuses to be silenced. When their families decree that they must wed, Graham is torn between protecting Phoebe from his tarnished past and surrendering to the yearnings of his heart.

As their engagement unfolds, a battle of wills ensues. Graham's determination to shield Phoebe from his shadows clashes with her unwavering resolve to win his love. Unbeknownst to her, her heart has already conquered his, becoming the very reason he fights to keep her at arm's length.

In Forever in Your Arms, true love's journey is strewn with obstacles and insecurities. Phoebe and Graham's love story transcends societal expectations, promising a love that refuses to be denied. Amidst the turmoil of secrets and desires, can they navigate the complexities of their hearts and embrace a future where love reigns supreme? Join them on a tumultuous path to love's ultimate revelation, where the question lingers: Can the heart of a scoundrel be tamed by the touch of a true gentlewoman?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: regency romance, English historical romance, historical romance, regency duke romance, historical regency romance

Word Count: 31249

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I am a USA Today Bestselling Author with strong sales.

Sample text:

London, spring, 1817

Lady Phoebe Summerville’s breath came in quick gasps as she burst through the heavy doors, her silk dress rustling loudly. She could feel the heat of her pursuer’s gaze on her back as she sprinted across the terrace, her heels clicking on the stone steps. Her heart thudded against her chest with each step, determination propelling her forward.

Behind her, Lord Owens’ voice echoed off the stone walls of Daphne and Alex’s grand home. She retreated into the shadows, her back pressed against the cool facade. Phoebe inhaled the cool night air as she peered into the darkness. It was hard to reconcile that she had once fancied Lord Owen’s. Now it was all she could do to escape him.

Upon their first meeting, he had seemed a dashing and honorable sort. They had danced twice and enjoyed their conversation, but it did not take long for her to realize he was stuffy and boorish, not to mention a bit overbearing.

She had gone out of her way to avoid him ever since and been rather successful until tonight. Phoebe sighed and glanced out across the night-shrouded garden.

The sound of shuffled footfalls echoed from above as Lord Owen called to her again, “Lady Phoebe, where have you gone?”

She held her breath and listened, praying he would soon give up and return to the masquerade. She adjusted her glittering mask, the long ostrich feather tickling her cheek. Why the devil had Daphne invited him? And how had he recognized her behind the mask? The dratted thing covered two-thirds of her face with plumes of feathers and jewels. And yet, Lord Owen had known her straight away.

She leaned a bit closer to the stairs, turning her ear upward toward the terrace and straining to hear the sounds above.

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