"Forever...and 365 Days" by Ulrike Maria

A year in a metaphysics teacher's life - mind explored

"forever...and 365 days"

Life is forever, but we are still dealing with 365 days a year with this world’s issues and tribulations. We are still here - right now.

You will see the daily chapters at times jumping from one subject to another, but this is how my mind has assimilated new ideas, and has looked at fresh concepts. Being an avid reader I have incorporated my thoughts on some of the conclusions I came to, and the growth I experienced.

Students, readers and strangers alike have contributed their real life stories to make this a living document of what happens in this stage of unfoldment, relatable to all that are interested. Characters and their woes in need of improvement, personal tests and many questions are portrait as practical as possible.

You are the ‘light that shineth for all eternity’…so make it the best 365 days you can, every year, as long as you shall live on this plane!


Genre: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational

Language: English


Word Count: 48,000

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Reflection: Letting go of residue

Waking up early on New Years Day is nothing new to me. My husband and I usually don’t choose to go out, avoiding the crowds and the driving conditions, on a busy day like New Years Eve. That evening, we walked instead to a local Pizza place around the corner from our residence and enjoyed the familiarity of the little hole in the wall we’ve known for so long. Hollywood has been ravished by an arsonist for the past 4 days and this special night wasn’t any different. Sirens and helicopters filled the night sky as law enforcement was trying to catch this deranged individual.

As 6AM came around the noise had quieted down and dawn was slowly creeping up. My first thoughts were reflective of 2011 and all the seemingly wrong that had occurred to me. I promised myself over the past few months to let go of the lingering hurt feelings. I had lost a longtime job and my beloved band all in one month. But it was past. It was done. There is no use in holding on to hurts that have no substance; it was only a memory that needed to be looked at for what it was. A simple learning experience, designed to make me a better person, a stronger individual.

I am to step out of the past, and I have to shed the skin of yesterday. Renewal, rebirth- a daily ritual… I started feeling lighter, more inspired and full of anticipation. Hope had once entered my mind.

I shifted to being grateful for the new doors that had opened up to me. This was only possible because I was pushed to make a change. A shift of awareness, and priorities, had occurred. New friends had entered the scene.

This morning I was grateful for the sunshine and blue clear skies that slowly started to lighten the horizon, and the ability to let our dog out the door, in a T-shirt and shorts on a January morning. What a blessing to live in California I thought!


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