Forbidden to me by Elizabeth Bezerra

The New York Series Book 1

Forbidden to me

When Neil Durant helps Jennifer Connor during an assault on a cold night, he doesn’t know that their lives are going to change forever. Both don’t.
Neil’s tied to a marriage of convenience, and he knows that Jennifer is totally forbidden to him. The right move is to keep her away from his dangerous and troubled world, but destiny insists on bringing them together, even more as time goes by.
For Neil, getting away from Jennifer is harder than he imagines. Saying goodbye to everything he feels for her is harder than facing his deepest demons, his sins, and a dark past all together.
Jennifer is a broken woman who has lost the most important things in her life: love and hope. Her life is marked and haunted by ghosts and great fears from previous experiences that are difficult for an innocent one to believe they exist. She feels it on her own skin, and her blindness isn’t the only consequence she is forced to face.
Past and future intertwine surprisingly, and both find themselves involved deeply with an irresistible passion and an overpowering attraction. Will the love they feel heal their wounds or will the past annihilate them forever?

Genre: FICTION / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English

Keywords: love, sex, hot, drama

Word Count: 96.391

Sales info:

Best seller Amazon and Apple Brazil.
More than 4 thousand digital copies sold in Portuguese.
It was in 1st place of Amazon and Apple BR.
More than two thousand printed books sold.
Author in search of new international markets.


Sample text:



New York, 1990

While I play with my little car, I watch him near the pool. Nathan walks from side to side, kicking things out of the way and cursing someone who probably upset him. I pretend to be immersed in my imaginary world in the hope he’ll ignore me. I don’t want to be a victim of his attacks.

“Give me your car, Neil!” Nathan demands rudely.

“I won’t!” I answer without bothering to look at him.

Nathan stamps his foot impatiently.

“I said give it to me!”

“You have your own.” I face him down with boldness coming from someone so small. “Actually, you have several. Why do you always want my stuff, Nathan?”

“You always get the best things.”

“That’s not true! The cars are all the same and you always choose first.”

“But I’m sick of mine and besides, some are broken,” Nathan complains.

“It’s because you don’t take care of your stuff. If you stopped throwing them against the wall, which you always do when you get angry, they wouldn’t be broken.”

“If you don’t give them to me, I’ll drown your kitten in the pool.”

I glare at him. Sometimes I’m very angry at him, like today, for example.

“Take it!” I give the little car to him, no longer caring; it’s only a stupid little car. “Keep it! Actually, take them all, but leave Barney alone, he’s just a kitten.”

“Oh yeah?” “I think it will be fun to find out if cats can swim.”

“You wouldn’t!” I face him with all the force I can muster.

The white and black kitten rubs up against his legs without the slightest idea that it is the target of his malice.

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Already translated. Translated by Matteo Serrago
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