For the Long Run by Elizabeth Noble

What if your life was a lie?

For the long run

What if your life was a lie?

From the outside Jay’s life seems idyllic, a twenty-something, runs his family’s business with high disposable income and freedom. The reality, is Jay’s life is dictated by a bigoted, controlling, abusive father who insists Jay simply can’t be gay. Jay yearns for his own life with a dominant man, but it’s an out-of-reach pipe dream. When he meets trained Dom, Eric, the most Jay can hope for is the occasional one-night-stand or quick fling.

Eric has his heart set on Jay, and not only for more than one night. Jay is the type of sub Eric could easily spend the rest of his life with, fall in love with. While trying to navigate winning Jay’s love, Eric’s life is further complicated by chasing down a killer who may be something other than human.

When Jay is targeted, Eric wants only to protect him. Can he save Jay’s life and win his heart as well?


Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / LGBT / Gay

Language: English

Keywords: fake relationship, mmromance, mmeroticromance, bdsm, erotic thriller, mmthriller

Word Count: 62200

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Sample text:

The threat, however, always simmered just below the surface. His father had boxed in school and was still in decent shape. Even now, Jay wasn’t sure he’d be much of a match in a physical confrontation. He never wanted to find out, either.

Jay pulled in a few deep breaths and forced his body to relax. “I do my job, I run this resort, and I keep my nose clean. You’ve got no reason to be angry or constantly ride my ass.”

“Don’t use that fag lingo on me, boy.”

“Dad, I wasn’t.” He pressed his finger and thumb to his forehead and rubbed, turning his head sideways and mouthing “help me” to his mother.

“You boys stop arguing and finish breakfast. I ordered a supply of the same napkins for the resort dining room, and I want to check the shipment myself. The other thing I want to do is stop at that farmer’s market on the way back home. Jay, I’ll make sure Kellie has the details.”

Jay smiled gratefully at  his mother. His smile faded when his father’s mouth opened and more words came out.

“I’ve also hired a new head of security. He’s from Cleveland, was a homicide detective with the police department.”

“Ohio or Tennessee? And you hired someone without my input? I’m in charge of staffing. All of it.”

“Ohio, not that it matters. I only took the action you wouldn’t. Three of our clients have—”

“My clients. I run this place. You don’t know the dining hall from the shooting range,” Jay retorted. He bunched his hand under the table and forced himself not to wince when his father’s hand hit the table again. “I know what’s going on. The police have investigated all the deaths. They can’t find a suspect. What else would you like me to do?”

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