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Foods to lower cholesterol

Foods To Lower Cholesterol

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The information in this ebook on cholesterol and related subjects is organized into 17 chapters of about 500-600 words each.

This very popular self-help/how to manual on 'Foods to Lower Cholesterol'? A high level of Cholesterol is one of the most prolific causes of ill health in the world at the moment, and this manual should be seen as an insight into the possibility of correcting the problem through diet. Food for thought, you might say :-)

It will help you set understand and manage your cholesterol levels, and it may even help you stay off tablets. 

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Diet to Lower Triglyceride and Cholesterol

Whenever someone takes a cholesterol blood test, there will usually be four numbers returned which refer to the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol), triglycerides and absolute cholesterol. The GP will be looking to see if any of these statistics is significantly above the norm for your age and sex.

If they are too high, then the doctor will make one of two recommendations. First of all, the physician should recommend lifestyle alterations but if these do not succeed then it is a lifetime of medication. Some individuals have cholesterol problems for genetic reasons and for these people, medication might be the only answer.

The most common lifestyle alterations that are normally recommended are dietary alterations and exercise. If your readings are especially high, you may have to take severe measures to lower your cholesterol levels quickly.

Unfortunately, once people start taking anti-cholesterol tablets, they rarely come off them, so it is better to try other ways first of all. The predominant ways are reducing dietary saturated fat and raising the degree of exercise significantly.

Most individuals have an notion what cholesterol is and that it has two facets, but not many individuals know what triglycerides are. Triglyceride is also a sort of fat and if it is in profusion, it is a frequent indication that cholesterol is high as well, which means that it is an indicator of possible future heart disease.


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