Flattery - a Frog Prince story by Sonya Writes

Frog prince retelling with references to other stories sprinkled throughout

Flattery - a frog prince story

Prince Jeffrey and Princess Helena have never met each other, but their wedding is tomorrow. Jeffrey's little sister Sari is excited about Helena becoming her new sister-in-law.

Helena's plan is to go through with the wedding and work on building a happily ever after with this man she's never met.

Jeffrey's plan is to disappear for a while to avoid the marriage. He has a month-long adventure all planned out, and he's not coming home until he's sure the wedding has been canceled. Unfortunately, he drops the map outlining his adventure, and Sari happens to find it.

Sari doesn't have a plan, but somehow it seems convenient to tell Helena that Jeffrey has been turned into a frog. The next thing she knows, she's sending Helena off with the map and a large frog, with the hope that Jeffrey and Helena might bump into each other before the adventure ends, and that perhaps they'll fall in love along the way.

Genre: FICTION / Classics

Language: English


Word Count: 17,500

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Already translated. Translated by Marta Susana Novoa
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Professional and great communication. Thank you!

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