Find Your Passion: Find Passion, Find Purpose & Live Your Purpose Driven Life by Sarah Goldberg

STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE. Start living with passion each day.

Find your passion: find passion, find purpose & live your purpose driven life

<h2>Do you get home from work and think "What did I do with my life today"? Are you feeling unfulfilled? Does your life lack passion and purpose? Find out how to find your passion starting TODAY</h2>

<b>Attention readers: I've updated my book with more targeting information and strategies to help you find your passion and find purpose in your life--these strategies are aimed at adults, especially those right out of college and in their 30's. Hope you love the updated material!</b>

<b>Countless people around the world stumble through their daily lives with no aim, no purpose, and no passion. Do you know what ends up happening to those people? They get to the end of their lives and are <i>filled with regret</i>. They don't have a purpose driven life and they're filled with the regret that they've wasted their precious time on this Earth. Don't let that be you!</b>

In this book you'll learn:
1. The difference between passions, wants, and needs (this is extremely important!)
2. Overcoming the fears and barriers that are limiting your ability to live passionately
3. A structured game plan to introduce passionate living into your daily routine
4. How to explore new horizons and start on the path to true fulfillment in your life
5. The "what do I do next" concepts you need to visualize and realize the life you're supposed to be living!

<b>Need another reason to buy this book? Here's a great one: I donate 5% of the proceeds from the sales of my books to Reading Is Fundamental, the largest and most respected Childrens' Literacy non-profit in America. Your purchase of my book helps support childrens' literacy and I thank you for your help in supporting this worthy cause.</b>

<h2>STOP WASTING YOUR LIFE. Start living with passion each day. Start now by buying my book today, find your passion, and life your purpose driven life!</h2>

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 12,522

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Already translated. Translated by Ayda Zarrouk
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