Fifty Shades of Grey Tentacles - 1 by Anita Dobs

Parody tentacle monster BDSM erotic romance, finalist in the efestival of words 'best erotica' category.

Fifty shades of grey tentacles - 1

The Blurb:

Elle James, a virginal and award winning erotica author in the college Erotic Writing Club, is one day asked to do a favor by her friend, fellow erotic writing buff, Sarah. The favor is simple, all Elle has to do is take Sarah's place and interview a world famous billionaire BDSM expert. Elle realizes the interview could really help her out with research for one of her upcoming BDSM books, and so agrees. 

As a strong and willful girl, Elle has no actual interest in pursuing a BDSM lifestyle, knowing that she's just not suited to it at all. But when she arrives and meets Mr. Grey at his corporation headquarters, she becomes confused, as she feels he's bending her to his will. 

Mr. Grey, a handsome billionaire, has a deep and dark secret though (no, not the one you're thinking of, another deep and dark secret.) Having taken on many a submissive before, he finds there is something different about Elle, something that intrigues him. Not sure whether to confide everything in Elle and trust her, the pair however embark on a sexual journey that will take Elle to her extremes, and will force Mr. Grey to make a decision that could result in his ruin... 

Warning: Although this is a work of parody, it is also a work of erotica that contains graphic sexual scenes of tentacle sex, tentacle bondage, S&M and humor! 

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: HUMOR / General

Language: English


Word Count: 18,170

Sample text:

“Please take a sea....” He began to say, before seeing me already sat, “Oh, you already have, fine. No problem.”

“Mr Grey, I think I should warn you, I'm an independent strong willed woman, no man tells me when to sit.”

“Fair enough.”

“Further more, although I am hot, it doesn't mean I'm not exceptionally intelligent also.”

Grey was taken aback by my boldness, but I could see he was impressed.

“Erm, OK, so shall we get this interview started?”

“Mr Grey, do not attempt any sexual innuendo with me!” I warned him.

Grey raised his eyebrows, those attractive eyebrows covering those predatory eyes of his. He'd deliberately not looked at my tits even once in the twenty seconds I'd been in the room, and was now toying with me, trying to break down my will. I was fighting it tooth and nail, but I could feel myself squirming in the chair in front of him, as he walked across the room with his truly fine muscular billionaire buttocks protruding from his pants.

“Look, Miss James, I'm not making any sexual innuendo's and feel it would be highly inappropriate anyway.” He said, obviously trying to cover-up his gross error of judgment, “Why don't you just ask me the questions you have prepared.”

The truth was, I didn't have any questions prepared. I'd not had time, so I asked him the first thing that came to mind as I got my notepad and pencil out of my bag, while crossing my legs seductively.

“Mr Grey, how would you initially go about seducing me... I mean seducing any attractive woman?”

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Giorgia A.
Author review:
The translator did a great job and really understood the feel of the piece and asked pertinent questions based on the manuscript. Highly recommended.
Already translated. Translated by Patrícia Pinto
Author review:
Patricia is a wonderful translator to work with, very motivated and very professional. Would recommend!
Already translated. Translated by Isabel Pozas González

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