Fibromyalgia and Food by Rossana Marzicola

Fibromyalgia and Food – the COMPLETE Solution for Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia and food

“Fibromyalgia and Food”, you will learn the most effective, PROVEN methods that will not only do an extraordinary job at reducing your Fibromyalgia pain but actually completely eliminate it once and for all.


Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases / Immune System

Secondary Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Diets

Language: English

Keywords: fibromyalgia, pain, fibromyalgia pain

Word Count: 14770

Sample text:

Chapter I

To be honest, I had never used food as a form of medication, until fibromyalgia forced me to.We all know how important the diet is. And I’m not talking about the importance attached to cosmetic appearance. No. I’m talking about the importance of the nutritious content of food.

Nice ideas, you will tell me, but in day to day practice, this is an end in itself.

It’s not because we don’t want to follow a healthy diet; it’s because our daily grind, commitments, work, house, kids etc. get in the way. And finally, what you see in the supermarket doesn’t help. All those beautiful boxes with catchy slogans, pictures that show individuals in perfect harmonious can you resist?




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