Felicity Jones - The Whole Story by Dee Dawning

Felicity Jones finds the hunky black and white duo of Devon and Adam fascinating and the caustic blond beauty beguiles them. Yet all semester long, though drawn together, they fought like cats and dogs.

Felicity jones - the whole story

Adam, Devon and Felicity, consumed in a wanton orgy of lust, engage in a salacious ménage a trois, in an empty college classroom, on the last day of school before the semester break. Afterward, Adam suffers an anxiety attack when Felicity admits she’s a ‘bride to be’. Conflicted between the powerful emotions engendered by her recent lovers and the affection for her fiancé, Felicity agrees to return to school in a week and meet them for a rendezvous.

However, Felicity, seems to be more intrigued by the handsome virile duo than she imagined and can’t seem to stay away. When she receives an email inviting her to meet them at a wild frat costume party the next night, she finds herself on the road back to meet them for another delicious, lascivious encounter.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English


Word Count: 25150

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Ups and downs but good when promoted.

Sample text:

They were in the dark. He couldn’t see much of her—only a silhouette lit from light reflected from the movie, but…he could smell her. Her flower scented cologne, her bath wash and her se-x-x. All his senses channeled through his nose and he could actually smell the slightly burnt roasted almonds smell of her sex—from three feet away, her beautiful, he just knew, smooth sex. God, it smelled good. Given the opportunity, he knew he could dine on it all day.

Excited, his throat constricted and he could barely breathe. Forcing himself to breathe, the bouquet that wafted into his lungs relaxed his throat.

Had anyone in the history of time immemorial, ever wanted a woman more? Could Romeo have wanted Juliet more? Could Marc Anthony have wanted Cleopatra more? Napoleon and Josephine? Solomon and Sheba? No! No eefing way!

He took a deep breath and savored her sex. Then another and another. Soon he was mad with lust.

“Adam, please be quiet. You’re making too much noise. What are you grunting and groaning for?”

If you only knew, my ‘USDA Choice’ piece of flesh. What’s the warm, smooth, silky object his hand is resting on? He glanced down and realized his hand rested on her pale thigh—only inches from her sex. Since everyone had moved closer to the screen and sitting in the back row in the dark, they were invisible to anyone in the unlikely event they glanced up.

He was so nervous, he could felt, liquid life-force pulsing in his ears as he slowly edged his hand up her thigh. Slowly, under her skirt his fingers crept. She gasped as his fingers touched her panties. She moaned and he paused. Even though he hadn’t moved his hand in fifteen seconds, her moans continued. As her moans grew louder, he glanced once more at her pale thighs. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped when he realized, Devon’s dark hand was also under her skirt.

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