Fear Not! by Gabriel Agbo

Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear torments. God wants us to have faith in him, in his words and promises.

Fear not!

Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear torments. God wants us to have faith in him, in his words and promises. This is his will for us, but there are so many things, situations, adversaries fighting against this. Now, this little but powerful book will lift you up and make you stand on God’s promises even in the face of the fiercest arrows from the enemy or the worst of situations. Don’t be afraid! Move on for the LORD thy God will give you victory!

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

Language: English

Keywords: Fear, Faith, Victory, Winning, Overcome, God, Jesus

Word Count: 8,000

Sample text:



   One of the most devastating weapons the enemy uses against Christians is the spirit of fear. This weapon is very powerful both in the spiritual as in the physical warfare. Once an enemy succeeds in putting fear in you, then it is only a matter of time before you are defeated. Any student of warfare will easily understand what we are talking about here. Fear is the feeling caused by possibility of danger or evil. That is, when you begin to anticipate that things might not go in your favour or that there is an imminent harm coming your way. When fear comes, there is always that feeling of disorganization, disorientation, and destabilization. There are so many things that make people to be afraid: fear of the future, fear of the unknown, fear of the enemy and evil, fear of failure, etc. People are also afraid of their present situations; how will they come out of their unfavorable situations.


   So, there are enough reasons to make any man/woman to live in fear all the days of their life. But what we want to say here is that God wants us to live above this natural negative instinct. Now, if you study closely why people behave the way they do, or do certain negative things, you will also find out that it is just because of fear. People go into occultism for protection. The quarrels, wars bickering in the society can also be traced to the feeling of insecurity by individuals or groups. Fear, fear, fear everywhere. But God wants us not to be afraid not matter the situation. Yes, this looks difficult but it is attainable. How? Fear is the opposite of faith, and anybody that will walk with God must walk by faith. And what does that mean? What it means is that, though there could be natural signs pointing to harm, danger or evil, you must look beyond them to see the ability, grace, power and sovereignty of God.



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