Exact Trigonometry Table for all Angles: and Polygons by Bhava Nath Dahal

Exact trigonometric values for all integer angles and polygon.

Exact trigonometry table for all angles: and polygons

Exact trigonometric values for all integer angles and polygon. The exact values are based on radical of 2 only. The method, named as Precise - Rewritten method, is new than classical method.

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Trigonometric Formulae

Main relations:

Sin A =ab/2 
Csc A = 2/ab
Cos A = 1 – a2/2                 
Sec A = 2/(2 –a2)
Tan A = ab/(2 –a2)             
Cot A = (2 –a2)/ab

Verse and Coverse relations:

Practically in less use, there are further six trigonometric ratios. They are two in each sector of Verse –based, Coverse –based and Ex –based. Their chord –based formulae are as follows:

Versin A= a2/2                   
Vercos A= b2/2
Coversin A = 1 – ab/2       
Covercos A=1 – ab/2
Exsec A = a2/( 2 –a2)                     
Excsc A = (2 –ab)/ab


Haverse and Hacoverse relations:

Practically almost no use, there are further four trigonometric ratios. They are half of Verse –based and Coverse –based formula. Their chord –based formulae are as follows:

Haversine = a2/4               
Havercosine = b2/4
Hacoversine = (2 –ab)/4   
Hacovercosine = (2+ab)/4

Exact Trigonometric Values

For example, Sin 1˚ is ½ √(2 – √(2 + √(2 + √(2 + √(2 + √(2 + √(2 – √(2 – √(2 – √(2 + √(2 – √(2 – √(2 + √(2 –  √(2]



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