Ethosism by Jo M. Sekimonyo

Conspiracy rules and success myths do work. Every existing doctrine compresses the ambiance of the love affair with untamable disillusions.


We now, more than any period of human existence, own our means of engagement, participation, or involvement, and the risks are shared by moneyers, landowners, and laborers alike. Therefore, every party's recompense should be reevaluated.

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Language: English

Keywords: anti capitalims, jo m sekimonyo, ethosism, anti communism, revolution, social jusitice

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Sample text:

What is love?

"[…] it is the peculiarity of the human mind that it understands and acts through ideas, because it is very closely tied to the body."

– Anton Wilhelm Amo

In the spirit of full disclosure, I ought to make a clean breast of my gloomiest aberration. I once paid (not get paid) in rubies to slog on a rusting pirate vessel as an apprentice. The gig didn't last long; my lack of submissiveness was not suited for the voyage. As the crew chased after me with a noose, I jumped off the ship and swam across the deep sea. I later learned the fate of those lured tyros left behind. The boat sailed to a minuscule, obscure island where these sycophants were scholastically battered and sodomized until they turned into ideological zombies. Then before sunrise, they were immolated at the shrine of the island’s sacred gods: Karl Marx, Alfred Marshall, Friedrich Hayek CH, and John Maynard Keynes, and for the Negroes, Sir William Arthur Lewis. Such horrendous proselytism unquestionably turns a sympathetic Mu'mina into a wicked oppressor or a vicious predator, culminating the cyclic inferno.

As luck would have it, once I reached dry land, my saneness and veracity did not make my life easier. I was always hunted down like a witch by mobs of sophists and anarchists. They sought to castrate and then burn me on a cross for my public plea to get rid of capitalism and my enmity for socialism and communism. I have come to expect that even people whose beliefs differ from strict economic orthodox views and Islamic economics shenanigans will find my voice to be exceedingly radical, but heresy?

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