Esmerelda Sleuth Book One by Eileen Sheehan

The Other Side of the Mirror

"The Other Side Of the Mirror" is a steamy-paranormal-romance- mystery-thriller and book one of the Esmerelda Sleuth series.

Esmerelda sleuth book one


Meet Esmerelda Sleuth.  Sleuth is her name and investigating is her game.  (Paranormal Investigating, that is.)


Esmerelda makes a good living as an investigator in a rather progressive firm. She lives a stable and sensible life until she meets Lance; an old money "hottie" who works for a real estate firm next to her building. After accepting an invitation for a weekend getaway party, she quickly discovers that Lance has a secret. He is wealthy. That part is true. And, yes, he's procured a job as a realtor in the building next door. His secret is that he belongs to an underground society of humans who didn't abandon their connection to magic centuries ago when religion declared it evil and he has traveled through time specifically to find her and bring her back to his time to marry him. If that isn't enough of a far fetched tale to absorb, he informs her that she was born in his time to a family belonging to that same secret society and was promised in marriage to him as an infant. When enemies who didn't want to see the union of families take place made attempts on her life, her parents sent her into the future and erased her memories of them as a precaution.

Possessing virtually no belief in magic, ghosts, psychics, time travel, etc., it takes some doing on Lance's part to convince her to believe his story and go back with him. When she does, the lies, deceit and attempts on her life start all over again. Will she escape emotionally and physically unscathed?

"The Other Side Of the Mirror" is a steamy-paranormal-romance- mystery-thriller and book one of the Esmerelda Sleuth series.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Language: English

Keywords: mystery, thriller, romance, paranormal, time travel, contemporary romance, women sleuth, magic, secret societies

Word Count: 74,623

Sales info:

Just released today.  Already had several pre-orders and the second book is on pre-order with a few sales already.  This book series is also contracted to be made into an audio book series.  As of today, it ranks #1335 in Time Travel Romances on

Sample text:


I leaned back in my well-worn executive office chair and stretched the kinks from my body.  I’d finally solved the case that had plagued me for weeks.   It was a call for celebration!

Eleanor Waterford’s husband was a sly player.  He’d managed to disguise his activities to the point that I simply couldn’t uncover the name of the female who he was keeping company with.  I was just about to give up and confess to my boss that I’d failed when it struck me.  What if the woman he was seeing wasn’t a woman at all?


Why hadn’t that come to me before?

Maybe because the photos that my assistant presented to me had Bill Waterford in what looked like a lover’s embrace with a person who wasn’t his wife and was dressed like a woman with a body frame to match? 

It was a classic lesson for me in stereotyping. 

I’d come across the name, Frankie Stapleton, on several occasions during my research, but I simply considered him a business associate.  Since I was looking for a woman and not a man,  I didn’t take the time to dig around until the fact that Frankie, a.k.a. Francis was a cross-dresser who was in the process of becoming a transsexual who would eventually change the spelling of his name from the masculine Francis to the feminine Frances surfaced.  Not at first, anyway.

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Gloria is always a pleasure to work with. I trust her completely with the translations of my novels.

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