English & Portuguese side by side by Sonya Writes

Two novellas side by side with their Portuguese translations

English & portuguese side by side

*this book only available to translators who already translated the two novellas*

In this book you will find two novellas in English paired with their Portuguese translations. Due to the nature of translating and the differences between languages, the translations will not be an exact match to each other. Sometimes the wording between the two languages will be very similar, but in other places the wording will be quite different. You can use this book as a learning tool to comparatively study English and Portuguese, learning from both the differences and the similarities.

One way to use this book is to take different colored pencils to circle verbs or underline nouns and compare each paragraph to its counterpart. Where words and sentences are not an exact translation to each other, you can write notes and definitions on the lines provided in the margins to further your learning experience.

The stories contained in this volume are Liberty – a Rapunzel story and Rivalry – a Cinderella story. 


Secondary Genre: FICTION / Classics

Language: English

Keywords: Cinderella, Rapunzel, english

Word Count: 38000

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Unavailable for translation.
Already translated. Translated by Marta Susana Novoa
Author review:
Marta has been fantastic to work with as always :)

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