ENEMY OF MAN by Ubada Mir

Witchcraft, Occultism and the Secrets of Wiccans

A heartfelt story of guilt, love, sin, and betrayal.

Enemy of man

A heartfelt story of guilt, love, sin, and betrayal.
The long-term effect of one small deed. 

An anecdote of how sin and greed lead to the ultimate murder, and how lust leads to the destruction of mankind through envy...
A new insight into Witchcraft, Occultism, and the secrets of Wiccans... 
The weakness of humans and the aftermath of that weakness… 
Find out how the destruction of mankind takes place through the jealousy of one person. 

Genre: RELIGION / Demonology & Satanism

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Theology

Language: English

Keywords: devil, angel, love, death, pain, betrayal, hate, hope, Satan, God, demons, magic, witch

Word Count: 143621

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Sample text:

The legion of angels glided and looked on at the tiny speck which was the world, and they prayed earnestly to God, begging their Maker to save humankind from annihilation and the devil’s cadaverous influences. 
In unison, the winged angels began to sing a couplet to the dwellers of the earth: 
“Oh, break not the hope and the heart of thy Maker!
Verily, O man, thy God loveth thee more than a mother!
Hast thou known a love more true and sincere, 
Canst thou deny this? But thy Lord shall persevere! 
Hast thou, O humans, have the heart,
To hurt thy God and remain inert?
Canst thou revile His love and Mercy, 
Which he offered mankind for free?
Thy praises and thy prayers to God shall ascend:
And no demon hitherto could rise nor descend, 
At that hour, O humans, in death shalt thou awake!
Believe in God only, O man, for thine pity’s sake!
The visage of vengeance from devil shall come, 
But Satan’s illusions shall avail only the dumb!
Here the devil’s trickeries doth commence:
Amongst mankind’s fair and frailest ones!
Shalt thou, O humans, run from this plain, 
To the sinful souls that evil hast slain?
Shall all faith and fidelity be gone and dead;
And all human course of generosity be fled?  

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Already translated. Translated by Mathilda le Roux
Author review:
It was awesome to work with the translator and I do hope to work with her again soon. for the translations of my other books. The translator is highly principled, diligent, and sincere, and this translation work was very professionally done. I am totally impressed with the care she showed to give the most accurate translations. I highly recommend!  m
Translation in progress. Translated by Lotta Oikarinen
Translation in progress. Translated by Salma Salah
Translation in progress. Translated by Jahida Rahman
Already translated. Translated by Cristina García

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