Ella's Promise by Ellen Gable

(Great War Great Love #3)

Ella, a nurse during the Great War, finds love through espionage.

Ella's promise

When she joins the war effort during the Great War, American nurse Ella Neumann doesn’t see allies or enemies. The daughter of German immigrants, all soldiers -- Allies or Axis -- are human beings in need of care. A promise to herself and a promise made to her by an enemy officer become the catalyst for the life she plans to lead after the war. But a handsome Canadian soldier may complicate her plans. In this third installment of the Great War - Great Love series, join Ella in a tale of promises, betrayal and unconditional love.

Genre: FICTION / Christian / Romance

Language: English

Keywords: Christian, Catholic, World War 1, France, religious inspirational

Word Count: 53,500

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Sample text:

The hum of a low-flying plane brought her to the present and stopped her in her tracks.  The engine of this one carried a different sound. Rarely did Le Tréport see or hear planes unless they were Allied planes.  Ella stared upward and turned toward the noise as the plane flew parallel to the beach. From where she stood, it grew larger and louder by the second until a large black cross-like shape became visible.  A long trail of smoke billowed from its tail as the plane appeared to be heading towards the deeper blue water beside the steep cliff two hundred feet away.

Ella froze, the scene playing like a motion picture in front of her. 

The enemy plane was veering away from the beach as if steering toward the water – a man with a conscience.

Just as the plane nosedived into the water, it exploded. A gust of wind and the roar of the explosion knocked Ella flat on the sand as bits and pieces of the plane showered down upon the beach. 

Mind reeling, she flung her arms over her head for protection. The few people on the beach were also flat against the ground and covering their heads.  The high-pitched screams of a toddler rang out over the hum of the fire rising from the crashed plane in the water. A small girl ran past her, her face covered in blood. 

Ella pulled herself up and ran toward the child, scooping her up in her arms.  Dark blood ran down the girl’s stringy hair, the metallic odor filling Ella’s senses.  A superficial shrapnel wound was bleeding – as head wounds often do – profusely.  Ella reached inside her apron pocket for her headscarf and pressed it to the child’s head.  “Shhh, it’ll be all right, little one.”  

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