Echo Show 5 User Manual by Paul Garten

450+ Tips, Tricks, Skills, Commands And All That You Need To Know About The Amazon Echo Show 5

Get fired up with the Amazon Echo Show 5 in less than 1 hour

Echo show 5 user manual

This book covers everything you need to learn or know about the Echo Show 5 - the latest Amazon Echo smart device with a screen. 

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Understanding the Light Bar Status.
Customizing the Echo Show 5.
How to stop the annoying ads / "things to try" from showing on the home screen.
Echo Show 5 customization.
Setting Up a Photo Slideshow.
Connecting External Wireless / Bluetooth Devices.
Communication Settings.
Setting Your Echo Show 5 Wake Word.
Connecting Your Echo Remote and other Gadgets.
The ES5 Side Menu (Alexa app).
Alexa Communication: Drop In, Sending Announcement, Messaging, Video / Audio Calls, and E-mailing with Alexa.
Managing Your Photos.
Building a Smart Home.
Configuring Your Smart Home Cameras with Alexa and Other Devices.
Creating a Group for Your Smart Home Devices.
Setting Up Music Services: Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn, Deezer, Apple Music, Setting Your Default Music Service,
Multi-Room Music with the Echo Show 5.
Watching Video on Your Echo Show 5.
Streaming YouTube.
Watching TV Shows, Movies and Business News from CNBC, Hulu, and NBC.
Connecting Your FireTV.
Alexa Routines with the Echo Show 5.
Creating a common Alexa Routine.
Linking Your Calendar
Weather and Traffic
Alarms, Reminders and Timers
How to set a Timer
How to set a Reminder
How to set an Alarm
Teaching Alexa to Always Recognize Your Voice
Shop Amazon Securely with Alexa
Creating and Managing your Shopping / To-do list
Playing games on Your Echo Show 5
Read Your eBooks or Listen to Audiobooks
Alexa for Kids
Random Facts, Financial Information, Medical Information, Information from Wikipedia, Information on Nearby Places: Businesses and Restaurants
Deleting Your Voice Recordings
Alexa Skills—What are they?
Alexa Blueprint—How to Create Custom Skills for Alexa
How-to / Do-It-Yourself with Alexa
Echo Show 5 in the Kitchen
Monitoring Your Home with Alexa Guard
Mindful Meditation with Alexa
Troubleshooting the Echo Show 5
And much more. 

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Language: English

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The Echo Show 5 (ES5) is the latest Amazon Echo device with a screen after the Echo Show second generation released in 2018 (ES2018). The ES5 ought to be the Amazon Echo Show third generation, but the device seems to be in a class of its own. However, after seeing the first and second generation of the Echo Show, you won’t be quite wrong if you refer to the ES5 as the Echo Show third generation even though the ES5 appears to be below previous Echo Show generations.


Let’s face it! The ES5 can’t be seen as a replacement to the ES2018, it nevertheless comes with new features and the two Shows fit for different purposes. First, it’s pocket-friendly ($90) when compared to ES2018 ($230) and people who can’t afford the ES2018 can still enjoy what an Amazon Echo device with a screen can offer. While the ES2018 can fit for places such as the kitchen and sitting room, the ES5 can fit for personal spaces such as a small desk, nightstand or kids’ room.


The two Shows are similar in function but having a striking difference of size. While the ES2018 is 10.1," the ES5 is just 5.5." The ES5 looks more like an alarm clock whereas the ES2018 can pass for a miniature TV. The ES5 being something that fits the bedside has more clock-centric features including several clock faces and you can easily smack the top of the device to snooze the alarm.


The device also has adaptive brightness based on the environment it’s placed made possible by the presence of the ambience light sensor in the device. The sunrise feature on the flipside enables the display to slowly brighten up fifteen minutes before the alarm rings in the morning. However, this feature only works when the alarm is set to ring for 4 AM to 9 AM, and not during conventional times.

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