Echo Dot 3rd Generation User Guide by Paul O. Garten

Start using your Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation like a professional just in time.

Echo dot 3rd generation user guide

Even now, you can move from a BEGINNER to an EXPERT user of the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation device in less than an hour using this user guide.

This book covers all details from operation to manipulation of the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) device including but not limited to:
Voice training with Alexa.
Understanding the light ring status.
Connecting the Echo Dot to the Internet.
Pairing a Bluetooth speaker / home stereo system.
Changing the wake word.
Setting up the Echo Dot in different locations within the house.
Setting alarm and timers, time and date.
Managing email and SMS.
Alexa Skills, Routines and Blueprints.
Voice / video call with Alexa.
Controlling your TV with Alexa.
Having Alexa read a Kindle Book for you.
Linking your Calendar.
Shopping with Alexa.
Deleting voice recordings from Alexa history.
Building a Smart Home with Alexa.
IFTTT Protocols with Alexa.
Playing games with Alexa.
Alexa for Kids.
Fixing common issues with your Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa.
And much more.

Yes, there are over 100+ voice commands and more than 100 Easter Eggs ready for you inside that you can use with your Echo Dot 3rd Generation device. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars before you can have an advanced personal assistant such as Alexa. Taking a little time to configure your Echo Dot 3rd Generation would surely do a lot for you around the home and make your life much easy and interesting.

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Chapter 1
Introduction to Amazon Echo Dot

How would it feel living like a Boss—only sending requests and then sit and watch those requests being carried out to the letter? No argument! No delay!! That’s the work of Alexa and she does it like no other. How far you can get Alexa to work for you would depend on how much you understand her and especially, her language. Yes! Alexa doesn’t just understand the English language but a coded one which is not exactly about how you speak the English language.





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