Earl of St. Seville: Wicked Regency Romance by Christina McKnight

When a bluestocking spinster sets her mind to something…

Earl of st. seville: wicked regency romance

When a bluestocking spinster sets her mind to something…

Lady Patience Lane, daughter of the Earl of Desmond and legendary boxer Ivory Bess, grew up learning to fight, not how to mind her manners. She always expected she’d become a trainer like her mother, until injuries from the ring led to her mother’s untimely death. Now, she’s determined to save other families from the same heartache, by teaching others about the dangers of boxing. Nothing could bring her back to the world she left—until she meets a mysterious stranger who sets her pulse racing.

And a dark, dangerous lord interferes…

Sinclair Chambers, the Earl of St. Seville and known as “Sin” to his cohorts, inherited an insolvent estate. He has to make money, and fast, or his tenants will starve. The prize purses from the bareknuckle mills will go a long way to solving his problems, if he can win them. To be a success in the ring, he needs the best trainer, and Patience Lane is the best there is—all he has to do is convince her that he’ll only fight once.

They just might find their happily ever after in each other’s arms.

The more time Sin and Patience spend together, the closer they become. Soon, Sin’s thoughts are less about winning in the ring, and more about winning Patience’s heart. But can a relationship born out of wicked deception stand the test of time?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Wicked Romance, Historical, Regency, Earl, Bare-knuckle boxing, Victorian, Romance, Wicked Earls'

Word Count: 65000

Sample text:

THE FAMILIAR CREAK of a window opening in the room next door startled Lady Patience Lane from her deep slumber as a tremor of fear rolled through her. A chill ran up her spine despite the warmth of her room. Rubbing at her sleep-heavy eyes, she stretched her legs toward the cooled coals at the end of her bed as she sat up and listened. She tuned her hearing to any sound that did not belong.

Marsh Manor, the name her mother had christened their family townhouse with upon her marriage to her father, had been an unusually silent home in recent years. No longer did the structure ache and groan as it settled, no doors opened and closed in the night, and no windowpane was ever cracked during the bitter cold of winter despite the three other bordering buildings that blocked the worst of the late January wind.

Merit’s room lay next door to Patience’s, but the bedchamber had been empty for nearly two weeks, seeing that her brothers—Merit and Valor—had fled the dreary London weather for a holiday party near the Scottish border. Both of her sisters were happily wed and residing with their husbands, and they hardly visited unless her father commanded it. Besides her father and the Desmond servants, Patience was alone in the townhouse. Certainly, no servant had been tasked to clean Merit’s room this late at night. The Desmond household didn’t always stand on formalities, so when Patience and her father retired for the evening, so too did their staff.

When no other odd noises broke the silence of the night, Patience wondered if she hadn’t imagined the entire thing and relaxed back into her soft, feather-filled bed. She pulled her covers high to her chin and closed her eyes, willing herself back to slumber.


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Already translated. Translated by Sara Minervini
Author review:
Always a great experience working with Sara. Thank you!
Already translated. Translated by Regiane Moreira
Already translated. Translated by Gabriela Garcia Calderon
Author review:
Great to work with and very timely.

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