Earl of Edgemore by Amanda Mariel

Christmas has never been more wicked…

Earl of edgemore

Christmas has never been more wicked…

The Earl of Edgemore, Blake Fox, does as he pleases and he would not dream of apologizing for it. His only weak spot is his sister, Lady Minerva. Little does he know the minx has matchmaking on her mind and Christmas provides the perfect opportunity.

Does Blake stand a chance against his meddlesome sister, mistletoe, and Christmas magic?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: Regency, Victorian, Saga, Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, Romance

Word Count: 17473

Sales info:

Earl of Edgemore is part of the bestselling Wicked Earls' Club and has strong consistant US sales.

Sample text:

England, 1816

“Bullocks,” Carstine Greer cussed as her ankle twisted beneath her. She dropped to the frozen ground at the side of the road and inhaled sharply at the ensuing pain. Reaching for her hem, she began pulling up her skirt to inspect her injury. 

“Ach,” she seethed as she worked to free her foot from the confines of her boot. Every movement sent unpleasant jolts of white-hot pain through her ankle and up her leg. She glared at the offending icy patch that had caused her misery.

Tossing her boot aside, Carstine feathered her fingers over the angry red and swollen skin of her ankle. Despite the pain she knew would follow, Carstine forced herself to wiggle her toes then flex her foot. 

Good, the bone hadn’t fractured, but she was in a great deal of pain nonetheless. She’d earned herself a nasty sprain to be sure.

She’d wager this would not have happened if her parents had allowed her to remain in Scotland. 

Why the devil had Mother been so insistent that Carstine come to England? She did not care about English society, nor was she in any hurry to wed. She wasn’t opposed to husband-hunting, but saw no reason why she couldn’t do it in the highlands. A braw Scottish man would suit her best, she thought, as she put her boot back on with care.

The pounding of horse hoofs pulled her from her misery, and she glanced down the snow-blanketed road. A rider presently raced toward her at break-neck speed. She caught a glimpse of the gentleman as he flew past, the tails of his greatcoat flapping in the wind, before bringing his mount to a halt then turning back toward her.


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