Dynasty by Dutch

One man, two women and their children.


The Bells and Simmons are family. The Bells, a crime family in New York, have the cocaine market on lock. The Simmons, hailing from the South, reign supreme in heroin. Talks of joining forces are suddenly stalled when family patriarch Guy Simmons is gunned down. Suspicions fly. Jealousy breeds. The body count rises. 

Guy Simmons has created a legacy he wants to pass on to his two sons, Kevin and Tyquan. However, his womanizing ways have spilled over and jeopardizes all he's worked for. The mothers of his sons hate each other. Like mother, like son. Guy’s shooting has ignited a new brotherly beef; a love beef that could have deadly repercussions, especially when you have a family where the enemy may lie within.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / African American / General

Language: English


Word Count: 68,000

Sales info:

Backlist seller that continues to perform well in ebook, paperback and audiobook.

Sample text:


Boy I need you bad as my

heartbeat… bad like the food I eat.

Bad as the air I breathe…baby I

want you bad.

The sound of Jazmine Sullivan’s soulful voice filled the lavish banquet room of the Occidental Hotel in Aruba. It wasn’t a public concert; it was a family reunion, an event the Bells always outdid themselves with. The Bells were a crime family out of New York that extended back to the Bumpy Johnson era. Tito Bell, the 33- year old head of the family, had arranged to fly his whole family, extended family and select friends to Aruba for the reunion. Jazmine Sullivan’s performance had been a surprise for his twin sisters because they loved the young singer.

But for Tito, it was business as usual. His grip on the Tri-State cocaine market was slowly slipping away. He needed to expand, to move on to new markets and for that he needed his Uncle Guy and the Simmons family out of the South. They had a stranglehold on the heroin market south of the Mason Dixon Line and therefore the clout and the pull to help Tito move his product in the south. Tito decided toarrange a meeting with Guy at the family reunion.

Tito glanced at his Presidential as he watched his sisters dancing with their dates. He turned back around and smiled when he saw his Aunt Gloria come in with her son Kev andGuy’s other son, Tyquan. The door closed behind them and Tito’s brow furled when he realized his Uncle Guy hadn’t come. That was a bad sign, but at least he had sent his sons instead.

Gloria was greeted by faces she hadn’t seen in years. She was a Harlemite at heart, but she hadn’t been back home in several years; too many bad memories.


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