Down & Dirty Taboo (Forbidden Erotica) by Simone Holloway

Take a peek inside, but beware: what takes place behind closed doors is not for the timid.

Down & dirty taboo (forbidden erotica)

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Take a peek inside, but beware: what takes place behind closed doors is not for the timid. This tale of forbidden love will leave you questioning the natural boundaries of love and lust.

Reader Discretion Advised

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English


Word Count: 4251

Sample text:

“Have you cleaned your room?” I turned up the television to drown out the sound of my mother’s nagging voice. “Abigail, I know you can hear me.” I turned the TV up even louder. “Do not think you can just-”


Gratefully, I didn’t catch the rest of her rant. I thought marriage was supposed to mellow you out, but since marrying Chris, my mother had become an endless source of complaints: the house was too dirty, it was too small, she deserved better, blah blah, on and on. I was reaching the end of my rope. Luckily, I only had to put up with it for another month and then I was off to college.


“Hey,” Chris said as he walked into the room.


He had to bend down in order to pass under the doorframe. He was six foot five and muscular. His broad shoulders and small toned waist did not escape my attention.  The man was an Adonis: high cheekbones, long hair, and blue eyes so clear they were like ice.


The real question was: what was a man like that doing with a woman like my mother? She looked good for her age, but her constant bitching… I could barely stand it. She was demanding, spoiled and ungrateful. From an early age, she’d always had a man to take care of her, but now that her looks were fading life was becoming more challenging for her.

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