Divining Murder by G M Cameron

Glasgow crime novel where the police are helped by an ex-witch

Divining murder

The evil that Andromeda saw in Glasgow Central Station and why she alone could see it was beyond her powers of explanation. But she told the police anyway and in that moment, the secrets of her past come back to try to destroy her.  

Detective Inspector Donnelly investigates a gory murder in a Glasgow alley and has little more than Annie's bizarre information to go on. Following it would make him as crazy as her. 

Yet whatever he thinks, she knows a darker evil is haunting the city that police will have little power against. 

But maybe she could see it coming

Genre: FICTION / Crime

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

Language: English


Word Count: 95,528

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Sample text:


  Tuesday, 12.35         

Inspector Donnelly was told about the bizarre call at lunchtime. Nothing about it seemed useful, but the public information line wasn’t exactly buzzing and he was heading into the West End anyway to change clothes after almost twenty-four hours on duty. If there was a thing he hated it was feeling dirty. He also resented spending time with the Great Unwashed - Detective Sergeant Mc Pherson - bad enough usually, but after hitting the streets all day and night, pretty ripe. DC Angela Wallace got away with saying to him ‘God, you honk!’ so by the time he came back the sergeant might at least have visited the bathroom with her deodorant. He could only hope.





Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Christina Löw and Eva Markert
Author review:
first class all the way. With humour and a great sense of detail, Christina and Eva are an amazing combination.
Already translated. Translated by Jennifer Yaeggy
Author review:
Jenni is fast, efficient and talented - and dedicated to keeping the author's authentic voice in translation. How lucky I am to have found her. She is working on the second in my series now.
Her communication with me and her ability to clarify any misunderstandings and respond to my comments was first class.
Highly recommended.

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