Discreet Activities by Claude Bouchard

When four foreign students with ties to the Army for Islam arrive in the Montreal area, the Discreet Activities' team is more than willing to do whatever it takes to foil their terrorist plans.

Discreet activities

As a result of information gathered via electronic surveillance by intelligence agencies in the U.S. and Canada, a budding terrorist organization, the Army for Islam or AFI, is suspected of planning an attack, its target possibly NYC, Burlington, Vermont, or even Canada's famed Montreal... When four foreign students from Pakistan with known ties to the AFI's Montreal cell arrive in the area on New Year's Eve, Discreet Activities' head, Jonathan Addley, along with Chris Barry and other DA consultants are more than willing to take on the additional workload. After two of the DA team members die violently in an AFI related suicide-bombing, the job becomes getting revenge on those responsible for this Holy War...

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Mystery, Thriller, Vigilante, Crime

Word Count: 67853

Sales info:

34K copies in distribution

# Kindle Bestseller in Vigilante Justice

4/5 stars on 93 ratings

Sample text:

Mahmood had returned into the house and, though he had felt like immediately checking for hidden surveillance devices, he had forced himself to make and eat breakfast first, in case he was in fact being watched. After having put his dishes in the dishwasher, he had retrieved the transmitter detector and turned it on then casually walked around, even dancing the occasional step and bopping his head to a non-existent beat as he listened to the constant buzzing in his ears.

Once his aimless tour of the ground floor was complete, he had moved upstairs, first to the bathroom to brush his teeth then his room where he made the bed and finally to each of the three other bedrooms for a quiet peek inside, as if to confirm that his friends remained asleep. He had then sauntered back downstairs, looked bored for a few minutes before shrugging into his coat and boots to go for a walk outside. Once he had walked for a good five minutes down the road, he pulled out the phone his visitor had left him and placed his call.

“I’ve detected transmitters in every room of the house,” he announced once his call had been answered.

“You have done very well, my friend,” was the reply. “This will be a very important part of our plan so you must not let anyone know, especially those who spy on you, that you are aware of these bugs. Make sure you keep the phone I have given you charged and available. I will contact you again when it is required.”

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Translation in progress. Translated by Federica Pagnani
Already translated. Translated by Cristina García
Author review:
I don't speak/read Spanish so I based myself on Cristina's reviews and put my trust into her. She was certainly impressive in her turn-around time.

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