Discover Your Source: Two Ideologies One Truth by Kevin L Cann

This book will help you understand the battle that is to come and the reason it will be won by the ideology of truth.

Discover your source: two ideologies one truth

In 2017 America inaugurated the 45th President of the United States, Donald J Trump, an outsider to the White House.The battle now begins between the two systems of the world.

The first system is the man-made system of the world. It is based upon selfishness, greed, and deception.

The second system is the Kingdom system. It is based upon loving, giving, and the truth.

This book will help you understand the battle that is to come and the reason it will be won by the ideology of truth.

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Stewardship & Giving

Language: English

Keywords: Discover, your source, truth, ideologies, political, growth

Word Count: 15000

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Sample text:

There are two systems on this earth. The first is God’s system/Kingdom system. The reason God’s system existed on this earth before Satan’s is because God created the earth. That means He created the one true Kingdom system in the beginning.

The second system is Satan’s system/man’s system. His system is a counterfeit to God’s system because he cannot create anything, only copy what God has created. These are two very different systems that are opposite of each other.

All manmade systems have similar characteristics because the soul is in charge of these systems. Control and deception are the biggest characteristics. Greed and manipulation are also a huge part of manmade systems.

Man’s system can be found from the time we are born until we die. When we are first introduced into this world, the first thing we encounter is the manmade systems. We are all born in a hospital that is part of the healthcare system. When we are born, the only thing we know is that someone takes care of us and supplies everything we need: food, shelter, etc. We have no idea where it comes from.

In the middle of our lives the manmade system is with us every step of the way. The education system helps teach us the importance of the manmade systems. This insures that future generations continue through the manmade system.

Then it’s off to work we go. The manmade system teaches us tat entitlement is our future. Since we went through the manmade system we are entitled to as many benefits that we can possibly dream up. Next comes retirement. The manmade system has taught us that if we just put our time in at our “work”, then someone will take care of us for the remaining years that we are on this planet.

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