Dilemmas of Being in Business by Dr. Rosie Kuhn

Dilemmas of Being in Business is about extraordinary people meeting ordinary challenges, being stumped and stymied by them, just like us "ordinary folk".

Dilemmas of being in business

Dilemmas of Being in Business is about extraordinary people meeting ordinary challenges, being stumped and stymied by them, just like us "ordinary folk". The difference is that when the people in these stories are stumped or stymied, they willingly penetrate and explore the edge of reason of their current paradigm. In each dilemma that surfaces, they choose to come face to face with personal demons that arise, and allow themselves to see things differently. They do this in order to have their intentions fully realized. It isn't that they are fearless and courageous beyond measure; it's that their commitment to and belief in themselves and their envisioned life outweighs their fear.

Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / General

Language: English


Word Count: 25,113

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Hank’s Dilemma:

Hank’s dilemma isn’t foreign at all to many individuals working under a management style that holds them back rather than supporting growth and expansion. How does he bring the best he can to a situation where his manager really doesn’t know how to manage a thoroughbred like Hank? He could quit; however, is there something else that’s happening here for Hank that could bring value to his time in this company? What’s possible here as a learning opportunity?

Through our coaching, Hank gets clearer that he is being exposed to a management style that is ineffective for him and people like him. He wants things to change. He wants his manager to be more of a mentor; he wants to move up in the ranks and be a leader himself in bigger and better ways. He’s stuck behind a plow horse and can’t see his way clear to run the race he believes he is here to win.

A fascinating aspect of Hank’s dilemma is that he is actually in a perfect internship opportunity to learn to be a really good leader for people like himself. Rather than focus on how ineffective his manager is, he can focus on two things: 1) What’s missing in his manager’s style that if it were present would spur Hank on to greater success? 2) What’s available in the current situation that can be of benefit to him and his leadership development? What’s incubating within him that will bring about a much more powerful leadership style?

I believe these questions are so essential in business coaching. Sometimes our clients can’t change their circumstance; however they can shift their perspective.

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