Días maravillosos by Antonio Morcillo Lopez

The most recent and silenced historical memory.

Días maravillosos

Play on the political transition in Catalonia. A play about memory. About our most recent and silenced memory. About those violent and difficult times, and therefore unforgettable. And does it through a group of friends who lived in a small village, a place like any other from which they observe, and also participate, in the change of history while changing their lives. A group of friends trying to make theater clandestinely in a cold, ramshackle garage, while the former regime change events begin to transform the political, social and emotional reality of their lives.

Play based on the novel "Dies Meravellosos" by Jordi Coca.

Published by Hiru Editorial, 2002.

Premiere at Teatre Tantarantana,September 2002. 

Genre: DRAMA / General

Language: Spanish


Word Count: It is about our most recent an

Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Nadia H.
Already translated. Translated by Gilda Lomonte
Translation in progress. Translated by Matheus Ligeiro Barroso Santos

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