Death of a Unicorn by Nadia Dantes

Virgin lesbian cult hunts unicorns in post-apocalyptic setting. Erotic Lesbian/Bisexual Science Fiction Short Story.

Death of a unicorn

In the year 2050 unicorns were discovered, but they weren't innocent or beautiful. Yes they were white, possessed a horn that could cure any ailment, and could only be lured out of hiding by a virgin. However, that is where the similarities between real unicorns and the myths end. 

There has never existed a being as corrupt or rapacious as a unicorn. They destroyed the world, and it is only by destroying all of them that the world can be made whole again. 

I am forever grateful that they are not innocent or beautiful. If they were, I might feel guilty about the things I must do. As a Virgin Knight, it is not only my duty to hunt them to extinction. 

It is my pleasure.

Genre: FICTION / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Short Stories

Language: English


Word Count: 5,000

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Stefano Vazzola
Author review:
Wonderful!!! Totally above and beyond what I expected. Translator even found a few typos in the original and passed that information along.
Already translated. Translated by Karla Marques V.
Author review:
PERFECT!!!!!! Love working with Karla.
Already translated. Translated by Fatima Marques
Author review:
Fatima took the job seriously and communicated well.

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