Cunnylicking 101 - Lydia by V.A. Gyna

Follow Jimmy Love as he spreads women's legs and spreads joy through womanhood.

Cunnylicking 101 - lydia

Oral sex is my Passion. Nothing is more intriguing, more mysterious, more beautiful and more wondrous than that, which lies at the apogee of a woman’s legs. Think about it. Through the eons, men have killed in an attempt to gain or keep from losing the soft, tunnel-like cushions between their woman’s legs. Hell, men have started wars over a woman’s sweet tender sl*t! For all of history and for all of eternity, that is the power that women hold over men—that is their great equalizer. And that’s why I love to eat pu**y. Oh, sure I love to f**k, but that’s the entrée. I am just as fascinated by the tasty appetizer. That’s just as good, and that’s what gets you to the entrée. Place a pretty woman’s glistening wet c**t in front of my mouth and I am tireless. And if she happens to dine on me at the same time I can do it for hours—really. As you might have guessed, eating all that pu**y made me a pretty good c**ny-licker. After all, fellatrix is the word for c**ks**ker. Shouldn’t there be a comparable word for a person who studies and excels at the science of eating…pu*-*-*-*y?

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Language: English


Word Count: 7020

Sales info:

Relatively good sales at Smashwords, which services Barnes & Noble, Apple & Kobo among others, without being pushed.

Amazon not so good, but it's Adult filtered. Nonetheless, I intend to push the book more there.

Author has completed Cunnylicking 101 - Mary Jane and is working on Cunnylicking 101 - Diana

Sample text:

With my jaw dragging the floor, I reached out and touched the sacred territory known as Livingdoll’s prime ass.
After massaging the wondrous object for 30 seconds, she rose. “That’s enough. We don’t want me to get worked up, do we?”
We don’t? “No, but why don’t you let me kiss it for extra good luck.”
She giggled in that girly laugh I loved. “You want to kiss my ass for good luck?”
I smiled. “Can’t hurt.”
“Okay, I’ve told enough boys to kiss my ass over the years, but I never had one actually do it.” She bent over even further. I was stunned. but I said, “No, it has to be bare skin to bring luck.”
She rolled her eyes and sighed, but her thumbs hooked over the top of her shorts and she pushed them down. “How’s that?”
“A little further, panties too.” I scooted back. “Here bend over the desk.”
She pushed the shorts and panties down to her thighs and bent over the desk almost lying flat.
What a sight. As I’d hoped, her cute little anal rosebud and the sensual folds of her pussy lay bare just above her shorts. I laid both hands upon Lydia’s silky cheeks and sighed as I inhaled the sensual bouquet of her sex. I parted the cheeks of her shapely ass and lowered my lips. My first kiss was in the crease of her ass, about an inch above her puckered anus. Before she could think I had finished and straighten, my tongue darted out and reamed her tiny rosebud.
As my tongue delved into her, she squirmed and started to rise. “Oooh!”
I relocated my hand to the sway of her back, and held her down, as I lowered my tongue to the folds of her pussy.
“Mmm." She fidgeted and twisted around, even murmuring, “Gawd, that feels really good,” but ultimately she rose, “but I really have to go.”

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Already translated. Translated by Alessandra Gregori
Already translated. Translated by Karla Marques V.
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If there's a word that describes better than excellent, that's Karla.
Already translated. Translated by María Mendoza
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Quick and good

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