Cryptocurrency by Felix Jansson

The Fundamental Guide to Trading, Investing, and Mining in Blockchain with Bitcoin and More



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Inside you will find everything you need in order to get started in cryptocurrency successfully including a simple breakdown of its key talking points to show you just why everyone is talking about this disruptive new technology. You will also learn about Bitcoin, the most profitable and popular cryptocurrency as well as how to take advantage of it yourself either through investment or through verifying the transaction of others and getting paid for it. So, what are you waiting for? Chances like this only come around once every few decades...

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When the history books of the early twenty-first century are written...

The cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin that you should be keeping an eye on moving forward
The importance of choosing the right cryptocurrency wallet and how to find those that are the most secure
The most effective strategy when it comes to investing in bitcoins
When to expect the Federal Reserve’s own cryptocurrency to come online
And more…
Cryptocurrency will be spoken about in the same way that the early days of the internet are now. More money floating around than anyone really knows what to do with, followed by a major crash and burn of a majority of the contenders. It’s not too late to jump on the winners and still have time to get out while the getting is good, as long as you know what you are doing which is where Cryptocurrency: The Fundamental Guide to Trading, Investing, and Mining in Blockchain with Bitcoin and More comes into play!

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Right now, as you read this, someone out there is currently working on launching a new type of cryptocurrency. This isn’t necessarily as far-fetched as it sounds, there are more than 1,000 different cryptocurrencies on the market today, and the Ethereum platform makes creating new ones a relatively simple process. If you are already a little confused, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. In fact, only about 50 percent of Americans can accurately describe what cryptocurrency is and only a little over 10 percent make use of them on any regular basis. Essentially, cryptocurrency works in the same way as any digital transaction, unlike services like PayPal, however, cryptocurrency transactions aren’t based on physical currency and are completely anonymous.


For a slightly more complicated definition, a cryptocurrency is any type of digital currency that is solely based on cryptographic processes and computer code and is dependent on the market conceits of supply and demand to determine its value. Cryptocurrencies are housed, and made possible, through the use of blockchain technology which is discussed in detail below. As there are currently more people investing in cryptocurrencies than there are actually using them for transactions, investors currently exert a larger than normal amount of control over cryptocurrencies of all kinds which is enough to keep the various prices extremely volatile when compared to other types of investments. 

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