Cries of the Soul: Complete Edition by Tammy Henson

The woman inside me is growing. These poems are Tammy Henson's deepest thoughts and desires.

Cries of the soul: complete edition

The woman inside me is growing. These poems are Tammy Henson's deepest thoughts and desires. This book has been specifically written for God, Christians and for the hurting world. Without God Tammy ultimately fail. Tammy's deepest cry to God is for more of Him. There's people who need desires and expectations to go higher. In this book, you will see Tammy's desires, hopes in God and for this world. This book has been compiled of a two book series.

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational

Language: English

Keywords: Christian Life, Christian, Christian living, poetry, poems

Word Count: 14000

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Sample text:

My stone has been set in place,
it’s like horses in a race.

The time is near,
for your favor dear.

The light is shining on you,
so my miracle can come through.

Others will know I am your Lord,
because of my mighty sword.

I’ve gathered your treasures, to bring them forth
I’ve walked beside you on your course.

The end of the road is almost here,
pick up your armor and do not fear.

Many will plot against you,
but they will not win, not matter what they do.

Your getting what you deserve,
it has been preserved.

What has been stolen, has been found,
at my anger, I strike in sound.

What has been done,
doesn’t matter because in the end you won.

Open your mouth, tell with your lips,
what the lord; depicts.

Tell everyone what I’ve done,
do not walk but run.

Testify to my mighty power,
tell them the joy of my spiritual shower.

Tell them of my mercy and love,
so they too can fly like a dove.

Watch and listen,
so my glory can glisten.

For the purpose I have for you,
is to carry others through.

I the Lord love My people,
and want to put them in my steeple.

Glorify and praise my name,
because you have no shame.

I sent Jesus to take it all,
so when you came to me, you wouldn’t fall.

Stand up and proclaim,
I can rescue, the lame.

There’s nothing I can’t do,
I can restore, even the darkest of you.

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