Convincing Jenna - Not accepting new offers by Aspen Drake

Jenna has a hard time trusting, even after Alex has proven to be worthy

Convincing jenna - not accepting new offers

She knows better than to trust him. 
Just because he's got a handsome face and has saved her in the past, that does not mean he's the man for her. 
In fact, every instinct in her gut is telling her to run away and protect herself from heartache.
But then he whispers in her ear or crooks a finger in her direction and she forgets why she's erected a wall between them. 
He may be perfect for her on paper, but if Alex wants to convince Jenna that he'll never hurt her, he's got some convincing to do.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Military

Language: English

Keywords: ex military, military veteran, sexy alpha male, love story, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, romantic thriller

Word Count: 20000

Sample text:


At first, our conversation is general and totally impersonal. But when I ask how her son is doing, she visibly tenses. “Look, Alex, I think I need to be honest with you.”

“Please do.”

“I don’t like games and I won’t be manipulated. I’ve been with guys who used Ollie to get to me, and even worse, I’ve been with guys who tried to use me to get to Ollie.”

My stomach knots when I realize what she means. “God, Jenna. I’m so sorry. I had no idea.”

She waves her hand toward me to dismiss my comment. “It’s in the past, but my past has taught me how to protect myself and my son. So, just a word of warning, don’t ask me about my kid. Unless I’m really serious about a man, they will never meet my son. It’s just my thing. And if I feel like someone has taken an inappropriate interest in my son, Mama Bear comes out… Like at the party.”

I slide my arm across the table and open my hand, hoping she’ll accept the offer. Jenna looks down at my open palm and hesitates, but eventually, she rests her fingers gently on the side. “Every child should be so lucky to have a Mama Bear like you. I respect what you’re saying and promise to play by your rules.”

Jenna’s shoulders relax, and she slumps back a bit before taking a long drink from her glass. “Good, because I have a question for you.”

“What’s that?” I take a drink and lean back too, trying to mirror her body language to ensure she doesn’t feel threatened or uncomfortable with me. I try to convince myself that in itself is manipulation, but I don’t know what might set her off.

“Do you want to go to your place?”

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