Conquest by Anna Markland

Book One of an epic medieval family saga.


Celebrate the tenth anniversary of the inception of this enthralling story, chronicling the Norman invasion of England in 1066AD, the patriotic Welsh rebellion against it and the impact on the defeated and humiliated Saxons. 
Conquest covers a span of over ten years and is rich in details of 11th century England, Scotland and Wales. Book One of the Montbryce Legacy (Anniversary Edition) introduces the three Montbryce brothers, Rambaud (Ram), Antoine and Hugh, sons of a noble Norman family with a long and illustrious military history.
Ram de Montbryce is an ambitious warrior, greedy for glory and power in the service of his friend and duke, William the Conqueror. His heroism at the Battle of Hastings helps secure a Norman victory. Nothing can stand in the way of his ambition, especially not love. He recognizes he has an obligation to marry, but believes the woman his father has chosen for him is unsuitable.
Mabelle de Valtesse has spent years wandering through Normandy with her exiled father. When his lands are finally restored to him and freedom is within her grasp, her father betroths her to Ram de Montbryce.
Follow Ram and Mabelle's journey through the labyrinth of dangers in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest of England. Granted an earldom in the Welsh Marches as a reward for his bravery during the Battle of Hastings, Ram is expected to quell rebellious Welsh patriots, led by Rhodri ap Owain.
Mabelle, a strong heroine, is more than a match for her warrior hero. Passion quickly flares between them, but both are reluctant to admit their love. Ram demands obedience in a wife. Can he find love with the wilful refugee brought to his bed in an arranged marriage?
Only through trials and tragedy do they finally realize that they can no longer deny what their hearts have always known--love conquers all.
But will the same hold true for Rhodri, or is he fated to live a lonely life fighting against a powerful enemy?
Relive turbulent times through the eyes of the conquerors and the conquered.
Lovers of medieval romance and British history during the time of King William the Conqueror will enjoy this intimate story of passion, betrayal, ambition, vengeance, and of course love.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: medieval romance series, historical fiction , steamy, love at first sight, historical romance, adventure

Word Count: 89000

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The original version of the book and this extended and revised edition have sold over 10000 ebook copies on Amazon. The highest the story ranked was at #47 on Amazon. 

Sample text:

Lady Mabelle de Valtesse removed her grease-spattered apron with a weary sigh, rolled it up, and gathered a meagre blanket around her shoulders. Exhausted, she sank onto the stale rushes strewn on the hard stone floor, tucking the apron under her drooping head. Her snoring father, the exiled Seigneur of Alensonne, lay sprawled across the space allotted to them both in the Great Hall.

She had been careful not to step on the slumbering forms—human and animal—in the communal sleeping area of the castle at Arques, a task rendered more difficult by the half-light of the early morning hour. A pall of blue smoke from the long dead fire in the hearth hung in the air, irritating her tired eyes. She startled when her unpredictable father asked loudly, “Why are you so late to bed?”

Mabelle gritted her teeth and stiffened her shoulders. Waking him was the last thing she wanted. “I was not allowed to leave the kitchens until everything had been tidied. The banquet for the New Year was larger than usual. I’m tired to the bone.”

“It’s intolerable,” he replied, making no effort to keep his voice down. “The only daughter of Guillaume de Valtesse working like a peasant in the kitchens.”

“Papa, please, not now,” she whispered. “The castle steward made it plain we must contribute if we want to avail ourselves of their hospitality.”

Her irritating father considered it beneath him to contribute anything.

“Hospitality,” he sneered. “Where is the chamber I should have, as befits my rank?”














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Already translated. Translated by Maria Regina de Almeida Barbuto

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