Confessions from the Cotton Fields by Linnea Nilsson

An historical erotic western set in pre-Civil War America

Confessions from the cotton fields

“Confessions from the Cotton Fields” is an erotic historical novel set in Virginia before the American Civil War. It is the debut for the author in erotic literature.

Octavia's life was falling apart. An unfaithful husband, a life that was not what she had dreamed of and now the risk of falling foul of his murderous intent.

She decides enough is enough and the time has come for her to take charge of her own destiny. But freedom comes at a price and her husband would not let her go without a struggle.

An adventure that will cause her to make decisions that will profoundly change her life; to stay and fight or to flee to Ohio, far away from everything and everyone? Will Octavia be able to regain control of Oakley Grove, her cotton plantation and live a happy life?

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Erotica, Historical, Western, Plantation, American, pre-civil war, slaves

Word Count: 46878

Sales info:

This is a newly re-launched book, having been fully copy edited and a new professional cover.  To date there have not been many sales as it is so new and I've done little marketing, though it has a lovely 5* first review from an American author, which is saying something, as I'm British.  There was a fair amount of research carried out though to ensure the accuracy of the era.  I'm hoping that by having uploaded it onto ACX that once I find a narrator the book sales shall increase, together with my new efforts to market it.  This book has already been translated into Italian, (under the title Oakley Grove, where it sells quite well and has 12 reviews sitting at 3.7* out of 5*) by my husband and so I am not looking for that language.

Sample text:


It was a quiet night in May, and the moon lit up much of the plantation, which at that time was silent. Bruce MacIntyre closed the bedroom door behind him, trying not to be heard; he had taken his shoes off a few minutes earlier, before entering the house.

His attempts to get into his wife's bed without waking her up were in vain. Lady Octavia had been up until a few minutes before, reading a book as a filler for one of many, too many, dull evenings that she’d suffered in recent years.

When the man started taking off his clothes and quietly slipped into bed, she said, “It's about time you showed up.”

Octavia had a Northern accent, a legacy of years spent with her family in Boston; it was ill suited to the slow, local speech typical of Virginia where she now lived with her husband.

The man stopped suddenly to look at her in the dark and said, “You should be asleep at this time of night.”

The woman didn’t answer immediately, more to avoid a scene in the early hours of the morning than because of the authoritative voice of her husband. Then she added, “With which other slave did you sleep this time?”

“Nothing you should be concerned about, woman. How I run the plantation is my business,” he replied.

“My business too, since we purchased it with my dowry. So, which one did you choose this time?”

The man became red in the face, although Octavia couldn’t see him in the darkness of the night, and then he replied, “Betty Blue.”













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Already translated. Translated by Vinicius Anselmo
Already translated. Translated by Claudio Valerio Gaetani and Viviana Rafaella Gaetani Chinchilla
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Great team to work with. Fast translation and prompt responses to queries.

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