Come Find Me, Omega by Lorelei M. Hart, Summer Chase

Five years after best friends Jake and Scott had one night of passion, they reconnect and find that they want to start a family together.

Come find me, omega

Sometimes you don’t see what's in front of you until it is too late.

I was friends with Scott before we were college roommates. Living and working together were seamless for us with one exception—I never told Scott I loved him.

And then we graduated.

With New Year’s Eve coming up just before Scott heads across the country for a new job, I take a leap and tell him how I feel. That conversation leads to some heated knotty fun.

It’s both the best and the worst night of my life. Because the next day, Scott is gone, taking my broken heart with him.

I’ve wanted Jake since we first met, but fear kept me from pursuing him. I have the worst luck with dating, after all. I’d rather have him as a friend than nothing at all. When I get offered a dream job in California, I know that I need to move on, past what could never be: Jake and me.

But New Year’s Eve changed all that. And I panicked and left, ruining the best thing I ever had.

Then I meet Jake years later. There’s no ring on his finger, but he has a kid with him—possibly mine. And I realize that I want that more than anything—a family with the omega who has always owned my heart.

But is it too late?

Come Find Me, Omega is a super sweet with knotty heat mm mpreg romance. It tells the story of Ethan’s son in Remember Me, Omega and completely stands alone.

Genre: FICTION / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / LGBT / Gay

Language: English

Keywords: mpreg, AOB, mpreg alpha omega, omegaverse, male pregnancy, second chance romance, mpreg billionaire

Word Count: 33565

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Sample text:

“Beer?” I held out Scott’s favorite microbrew after bringing down the last load of his belongings to the car.

He was leaving.


Without me.

From here on out, my life would be Scottless.

I was not okay with that.

But I had no choice.

“It’s New Year’s Eve, Jake. You should be out partying.” He snatched the beer and popped off the top with his keychain. “You always do so much for me. I don’t deserve a friend as good as you.”

We’d started drinking two loads to the car ago, and I knew the beer was doing the talking. Which was fine. I still pretended he meant the words in the way I longed to hear them. I don’t want to lose you. Come with me. You have always been the omega for me.

Those words would never come. I wasn’t the omega for him. He dated women, and that was one thing I was not—a woman. That little fact never stopped the longing, the desire, the daydreaming. Maybe it was for the best that he was leaving Stark Enterprises, my stepdad’s tech company, and following his path to career awesomeness in Los Angeles.

There was no way my unrequited love was in any realm of healthy.

“Yeah, well some asshat decided to move on a holiday, so I got stuck loading his shit into the car,” I teased and took a long swig of my beer. “Pizza and a game, or Chinese and a movie?” I opened the drawer of delivery menus and pulled out our two favorites. Not that we needed to read them, yet every time we ordered, we perused the menu as if something new would appear.

“Pizza and a movie.” He grabbed a menu from Vinny’s, our favorite Italian place. “Or maybe we should do Chinese? It is sort of my last meal and all.”

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