Colony East by Scott Cramer

Book 2 of the Toucan Trilogy

Colony east

Colony East is book 2 of the trilogy. Night of the Purple Moon is book 1.

When Abby's little sister, Toucan, contracts a new, deadly illness spreading among the survivors, they go on a dangerous journey to Colony East, an enclave of scientists caring for a small group of children. Abby fears that time is running short for Touk, but she soon learns that time is running out for everyone outside Colony East.


Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Language: English

Keywords: science fiction, dystopian, young adult

Word Count: 90,000

Sales info:

1000 5-star reviews for the Toucan series. Dystopian drama that is "Frightening and inspiring" Kirkus Reviews.

Before translating Colony East, I think it is important for the individual to read book 1 of the trilogy, Night of the Purple Moon


Sample text:

Colony East


Sheets of rain slapped the water, and droplets, in the hard gusts of wind, stung Abby’s face like bees. Halyards clacked and beat against the metal mast, and the rush of wind past a small opening somewhere produced a piercing whistle.

The direction of the wind worked in Jordan and Timmy's favor, pushing them closer to the boat. However, the gusting wind created a different danger for them. Stargazer’s bow pointed directly toward the shore, straining against the mooring line. If the line snapped, Jordan and Timmy would find themselves stranded as Stargazer beached itself on the opposite shore.

“Look for rope,” Abby shouted to Mel. “We can throw it to Jordan.” She started for the cabin.

Mel’s eyes suddenly opened wide. Abby turned and gasped. Brad was charging into the water. He waded up to his waist and dived in. He splashed wildly as if he were swimming the last leg of a race.

While Mel tried to untie a rope wrapped around the boom, Abby stepped into the cabin. Because the two dirty portholes let in only a little light, it was difficult to see much of anything. She started in one corner and searched with her hands as much as she did with her eyes. Her hands found a pair of pliers and grabbed them greedily. Then she came to a blanket, an unexpected gift. She pulled it back, revealing the body of the man it was covering. She looked behind and all around the corpse for rope or anything else they might use. Grimacing, she undid his belt buckle and left with the belt, the blanket, and the pliers.

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