Club Alpha by Marata Eros

Dark Psychological Suspenseful Romance Antihero Trilogy

Would you pay 50 million for your soul mate?

Club alpha

"Would you pay fifty million for your soul mate?"

Club Alpha is a STANDALONE, DARK PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER and contains scenes of graphic violence. Might contain triggers.

"... Great twisty storyline that you can't put down ... desperate for a happy ending ... Can't wait to read the next book..."
" ... I absolutely love Marata Eros books. She can write it all from sappy love, paranormal romance, steamy hot & bothered books, and now I see dark romance as well..."
" ... very gripping story.... hard to put down.... definitely recommend this book..."

Francisco "Paco" Castillo is a bilingual billionaire with unconventional ideas about love, sex and possession. He believes there is no other half to make him whole.

Paco dreams of experimenting with a dangerous reality not of his own making.

Club Alpha owner, Zaire Sebastian, can make Paco's vision a reality - for a price.

Greta Dahlem is an extreme sports executive whose ambition masks a terrible secret. When her mentor Gia Township, sponsors her as a player in Club Alpha, Greta's unsure she can survive the inherent risk of the game Zaire weaves. But in her heart, Greta yearns for a man who will complete her, and erase the brutal tragedy of two years ago.

As the fantasy progresses, Greta comes to realize she is the loose string in a plot of murder and deception that begins to unravel. Without knowing who to trust, Greta must decide between two men. When the three are thrown together, the lines of reality and fantasy blur.

Is there any way for her to know what is real?

HEA Standalone

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Psychological

Language: English

Keywords: psychological thriller, thriller, romantic thriller, crime thriller, international, international thriller, billionaire, soul mate, love match, dark thriller, dark fiction, dark romance, antihero, tense

Word Count: 69,193

Sales info:

This is the first book in a dark, antihero trilogy of dark deeds, passion and an impossible-to-predict plot.

Sample text:


That's what it is to graduate with honors, and finally go after what I'll be in this life.

Marketing. International travel, stretching the bounds of the four languages I've mastered. Perfection.

Hot guys.

My eyebrows flick up. Speaking of which.

I track a handsome specimen right now.

A man moves across the room lithely, coming to stand at the exact opposite of the huge bar. His crystal tumbler full of amber liquid catches the light. His coloring suggests he’s Latino or some exotic Spanish mix. At six feet three-ish, he’s built to move, dance— and do other stuff.

My lips curl at the other stuff part of my internal monologue. I'm so wanting to find out what the sex fuss is all about. By all accounts, it's pretty life altering. It's beyond time.

My studies are through—it's Greta Time now.

His gaze locks with mine, and he smiles. A deep dimple winks at his cheek, and a cleft bisects a chiseled, square jaw.

Beautiful green eyes with thick black lashes rim the windows of his soul.

He pauses, and I say yes with my eyes.

Please approach me.

My breath catches like a trapped bird in my throat.

What a beautiful man.

My hand grips the smooth curved wood of the high-end bar I find myself in; the other holds a low ball of peach schnapps.

I take a sip, grimace slightly, and set the drink down.

People flow between us as we stare across the room, and I lose him momentarily as the moving scenery of bodies blocks my line of sight.

I crane my neck, swinging my head side to side, searching. I remind myself that I'm not here to meet a man. I'm here to meet my fellow graduates and celebrate our graduation from the most prestigious university in Washington state.


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Already translated. Translated by Nelson Leonel De Benedetti
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Highly recommend. I don't use anyone for my Portuguese translations.

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