Cleopatra VII by Laurel A. Rockefeller

Egypt's Last Pharaoh

The exciting true story of Egypt's most famous queen!

Cleopatra vii

The exciting true story of Egypt's most famous queen!

Cleopatra Thea Philopator refused to do what she was told. In an age where patriarchy denied full citizenship to even the most elite of Roman women, Cleopatra ruled her Egypt determined to keep it independent and free from Roman control -- at any price necessary. Demonized as a simple seductress by Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (the future Caesar Augustus) and his political allies, Cleopatra VII proved herself the equal to three of the most powerful men of the Roman world: Gaius Julius Caesar, Marcus Antonius, and Octavian Caesar. 

Includes a detailed timeline, suggested reading list/bibliography, and a special Easter egg for Doctor Who fans.


Secondary Genre: HISTORY / Ancient / Egypt

Language: English

Keywords: Roman Empire, Marc Antony, Julius Caesar, ancient Rome, ancient Egypt, famous queens, inspiring women

Word Count: 22650

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New release - 10 October 2018.  Not rated.

Sample text:

Julius Caesar waved for him to leave, “No bother! My reputation is well-earned. No one I fancy refuses my bed. No one!”

“Is that so?” asked Cleopatra as she emerged from a shadow on the edge of the room. “You are Gaius Julius Caesar, I presume?”

Julius Caesar approached her, his gait like a jaguar assessing powerful prey as he extinguished the candle on the desk in front of him, “Cleopatra the Seventh Thea Philopator, I presume?”

“You may simply call me Isis if that is simpler, General.”

“How about Cleopatra? Oh, I know it is Egyptian custom to be distinguished by many bynames. Given how intermarried you Ptolemies are, it is perhaps the only way to know who is whom. Your brother is the thirteenth Ptolemy—in what? Two hundred fifty years?”

“You are well informed,” noted Cleopatra as she circled the general gracefully, her own movements as elegant as those of the goddess Bast.

“How did you get in here?”


“Magic? Or were you in that carpet that mysteriously appeared in this room four hours ago?”

“A goddess never reveals the secrets behind the miracles she creates.”

“In that she is like every other woman,” retorted Julius Caesar as he extinguished another torch from the wall.

“I heard your aide imply you know something about the subject of women.”

Julius Caesar extinguished another torch, “Women and men! If I fancy someone for my bed, I am never refused!”


Julius Caesar met her eyes, “Not once, not ever!”

“I may prove your boast wrong.”

“No! You won’t!” flirted the general as he extinguished the last torch in the room and put his arm around her waist. 

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