Claiming His Omegas by Coyote Starr

An Omegaverse MPreg Dark Romance

I had only one job: bear the king a child. I couldn’t do it.

Claiming his omegas

I had only one job: bear the king a child. I couldn’t do it.

I tried. For almost a decade, I tried. Every month, when I still wasn’t pregnant, King Leon took out his wrath on me.

So when he finally sent me to the Breeding House, I thought I knew what I was in for.

I was wrong.

All the omegas here are expected to perform for the alpha lords who like the idea of slumming it for a night.

I never dreamed I’d spend my life as a callboy.

There’s no way out, either.

Not unless I somehow fall pregnant.

But I have a secret no one else knows…

And now one of the alpha lords is about to claim me as his own. I plan to ask him to save two other omegas, as well.

I’ll do whatever it takes to get all of us out of here.

NOTE: This book has violence and other themes that may not be enjoyable for some readers. However, you can still expect a satisfying character arc and a gratifying happily ever after.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / LGBT / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Gay

Language: English

Keywords: fantasy, gay, mpreg, male pregnancy, omegaverse

Word Count: 21080

Sales info:

Mpreg books do remarkably well and have a devoted readership in every language. The rankings tend to be lower because it's a niche market, but it's a growing one.

Sample text:

“His Majesty will see you now.” He spoke stiffly and formally, then pulled me to my feet, gripping my upper arm, and marched me into the king’s breeding chamber.

He shoved me into the empty room, and I landed on the bed with all its sumptuous hanging and coverings.

For a brief moment, I allowed myself the luxury of crying.

But I didn’t want the king to find me like this.

So I stood and brushed the tears from my eyes. Inhaling deeply, I tried to compose myself.

Maybe the king wouldn’t be furious this time.

Maybe he’ll be in a good mood.

When the door slammed open, I knew I had been wrong to hope.

King Leon strode into the room. He wore battle armor, a stronger version of the betas’ uniforms, as if he’d come in from arms practice. The leather skirt did little to hide the that erection popped up as soon as he smelled me.

“In heat again?” he roared.

“Yes, sire.” I chose the honorific carefully. Reminding him that he was the metaphorical father of the entire empire sometimes served to soothe the him.

It was a miscalculated move this time, though. All it did was remind him that he had no true heirs.

He had never sired an alpha—only omegas and betas, who could not take over as king.

“You useless little slut,” he bellowed, striding across the room and backhanding me across the face. He hit me so hard that I staggered backward, and even one of the beta guards outside the chamber peeked in through the doors King Leon had not bothered to close.

The second blow knocked me onto the bed. I cowered there, curling into a fetal position while the king rained blows on me.

Blood flowed from my nose onto the crimson bedsheets.



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Already translated. Translated by Luisa Maria Reyes Cortés
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Excellent work, as always!

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