Chaos by JB Trepagnier

A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance

A sentient library, a primordial god, and one Librarian who is sick of your shit


The Library of the Profane has everything your black heart desires. But we don’t just allow anyone to get a library card.

Need to summon a demon? Raise the dead? A clan of vampires bothering you? Do you like the really nasty werewolf erotica? The Library of the Profane has all of that, but not everyone can handle the contents (Some people can’t handle their werewolf erotica). I’ve been a librarian here for five years and when I say I killed to get this job, I’m not being facetious.

You can’t check out our books. Some of the books are sentient and don’t like it. We have rooms to perform the spells in or hell, we do have a copy machine (copies are extra). When a witch came in and said they needed to do a little necromancy, I didn’t question it. They wouldn’t have been given a library card if they were going to raise someone really bad. I helped with the necromancy because it’s just my job as a librarian.

Except it wasn’t a normal resurrection. It was the physical embodiment of Chaos and when he woke up, he saw me first and now he’s attached. Chaos personified is a horrible library guest and he won’t leave with the witch who raised him. He’s constantly getting into things he’s not supposed to and he’s really into the werewolf erotica.

It’s not like I can let him out because the Library of the Profane is meant to contain Chaos. The rest of the world isn’t. He’s awful about keeping his identity secret too. A warlock, a Hellhound, and a vampire know he’s here and they are bugging me to let Chaos have a little fun.

I just want a normal day of summoning demons, cursing people, and telling people to be quiet in my library. This is too much.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Witches

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters

Language: English

Keywords: paranormal romance, reverse harem romance, witches, gods, shifters, vampires

Word Count: 50843

Sales info:

this is book o1 of a 3 book series and the first part of a shared world. There a spin offs to this series that are already out and some that are planned that can be read separately from this one, but it shared characters. This particular book has over 700 reviews and held a best seller tag for 7 months. It's been out over a year and still ranks in the 2500-3000 range in the overall Amazon store

Sample text:

Chaos came bounding over to my desk with a book. He slammed it down, and I realized the gravity of my mistake. I’d sent him over to our fiction section to pick a new name. The only fiction in the Library of the Profane was some pretty extreme erotica.”

“I haven’t picked a name yet, but werewolf sex is fascinating. Did you know their cocks—”

“Stop!” I yelled.

I knew all about shifter cock. I’d experienced it in my bed, and I also knew they exaggerated the knot in fiction. According to the popular erotica, it grew to a tree trunk's size and got everyone pregnant if the wolf was in love. People ate it up, even if it wasn’t totally accurate. I just had to direct Chaos towards the werewolf porn to pick a name.

“I’ve fornicated with female wolves, but never males. When we are married, do you think you could find a male wolf to join us? I’d like to experience the knot.”

I started choking on my tea. Chaos had to be the weirdest guest ever to visit my library. I talked about these books' plot with several patrons, but no one asked me to get them a wolf to try. Most people who enjoyed these books liked reading about exaggerated shifter cock… but no one in their right mind actually wanted to experience a twenty-inch cock that got you pregnant.

Except for Chaos.

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