Bunny Syndrome by Victor John Lao

A Science Fiction Novel about a Boy who had a unique condition and was a victim of an experiment of a mad scientist who worked in a hospital

Bunny syndrome

Bunny Syndrome

Travis and Cola Zodiac a young couple from Metherin City, were expecting parents, it was the joy of their lives to have their first child But they found out something was different about the child when they had checked on the ultrasound screen. When they arrived at the hospital, A certain Doctor Crox gave Travis, the father of the child so much trouble that he was not able to see his wife giving birth to the child calling it a special case.

Two police officers on duty patrolling at the hospital, witnessed the doctor injecting Travis with a dose of a sleeping serum that made him fall unconscious. The officers scolded the doctor but told them it was to calm him down. Dr. Crox came to explain the situation to one of the Police Officers and followed him to his laboratory underground at the hospital.

In the morning, Travis after waking from his sleep hurried to the room where his family were, he was surprised to see his son having such a condition that their worst nightmare had come true. The new parents were worried that their child will not live like any other normal children but they decided to take care of him. His condition was called the Bunny Syndrome because his physical features, was that like of a white Rabbit.


The Staff of the hospital were all emotionally attached for the welfare of the child and promised their constant watch over his health. But a Circus owner had his own plans for the child promising to take care of him if his parents decided not to take care of him, but the parents refused the offer deciding to keep their first born son.

Cola and Travis Zodiac did the best they can to raise their first born son like any other children but took special care of him and did everything to let people accept him for who he is. Mysteries unfold as the child grew up, while the parents try to find out as what has caused the child's condition.

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Novels in Verse

Language: English

Keywords: science fiction, fiction, book

Word Count: 59,335

Sales info:

so far for my debut novel it has not yet reached sales and still new. but has received some good review from it's promotional free e-book release that I saw on a forum.

Sample text:

Chapter One

On a Desert far away from civilization, where there was not, a single body of water to be found. Lay a completely dry and plain landscape of Sand. It is completely uninhabited for many miles from all directions on its great expanse, except for some military camps that seems to be on guard of something that's not even there to be seen.  People who try to travel anywhere near the desolate land, never survived their journey just with the intention of crossing it to the other side of the Country on another State. Losing their way in the Desert and dying because of dehydration, the lack of food and the extreme heat of the place itself burns them alive to crisp and those who strive to survive, just got captured by the scouting Military Soldiers for Tress passing. The Military camp is being guarded there just for nothing, would eventually raise a lot of questions and as to whatever happened to those people gone missing, remains a mystery. They obviously are hiding something out there that they don't want a single soul to know about, for some unknown reasons. That is beyond ''TOP SECRET'' as to whatever that means to them, which they are hiding from the public's eye. Warning signs were placed, around the desert to keep people from taking the path through the Desert or to loiter around for any reason.

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Good Translator, completed before the deadline. Highly recommend.

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