Bully by Sky Corgan

Bad boy college romance novel by USA Today bestselling author Sky Corgan


Just the sight of Dustin Nikoli spiked fear in my heart. The memories of the things that he had put me through in high school made me want to run in the other direction. I was the dirt on the bottom of his shoes, my only purpose someone for him to torment.

No one else saw it. To his peers, he was a man's man. To all of the girls unaffected by his cruelty, a lust object. He was the hottest *sshole you could ever meet. Pretty face. Amazing body. Ugly on the inside.

I moved to another city for college to avoid him. I never expected that he would already be there. Maybe I should have done my research better.

The night that I ran into him couldn't have been any worse. He was the straw that broke the camel's back. I wasn't taking his crap anymore though. I used my inebriation to give me courage and told him everything I thought about him. And then I ended up in his bed...

This is a stand alone novel.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: college romance, new adult romance, romantic comedy, alpha male romance, bad boy romance, school romance, love triangle romance

Word Count: 51,211

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Sample text:

Despite the breeze, Bobby's hair stayed neatly in place. He looked a bit overdressed in a white button-down shirt and a black and gray double breasted vest paired with black skinny jeans. A black tie was looped snugly around his neck, and the silver chain of a watch dangled from his pocket. He looked old school delicious. My tummy fluttered with butterflies as I thought about twisting my hand around that tie and pulling him to me for a kiss. Maybe I would get the chance to do that later.

“You remember what we talked about?” Bobby shoved his hands into his pockets.

We were close enough to the frat house that I could hear the music booming down the street. Just two more blocks and we'd be there.

“What we talked about?” I parroted, trying to brush away the daydream I'd been having.

“You brought those test strips, right?” He glanced down at my purse.

“Oh. Yeah.” I clutched it tighter against my side.

As soon as I got accepted to Clear Lake University, my mom had sat me down and had the date rape talk with me. She wasn't dumb enough to think that I wouldn't be going to parties. To make sure I stayed safe, she bought me a box of drink testing strips. Placing a few drops of my drink on one of the strips would tell me if it had been drugged.

The thought of pulling them out at the party was absolutely mortifying. I hadn't made any real friends yet on campus, and the last thing I wanted was to look paranoid and uncool. Being cool was important, especially at a college party.

“If someone offers you a drink, you test it first.” His tone was warning, showing me he was serious.

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