Books for Girls - Twins: Book 5: Turmoil - Girls Books 9-12 by Katrina Kahler

Twins Book 5 continues the story of Casey and Ali, two identical twin girls who have finally discovered the secret that has been kept from them since birth.

Books for girls - twins: book 5: turmoil - girls books 9-12

Twins Book 5 continues the story of Casey and Ali, two identical twin girls who have finally discovered the secret that has been kept from them since birth. Just as things seem to be going well, a new discovery takes place that throws their lives into turmoil once again.

An unforeseen event leads Jake to question the girls' identity. But has he discovered the truth and if so, what will the consequences be? In addition, Casey is reminded about something important that she is completely unprepared for. What will the girls do to help Casey avoid failure at school and the wrath of her family?

The drama unfolds scene by scene in this suspenseful addition to the Twins series and continues right through until the very end where the story takes an unexpected and emotional turn.

You are sure to enjoy this exciting book for girls. If you're looking for great girls books for ages 9 - 12, and a series that you can't put down, then this is the one for you!

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Girls & Women

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Love & Romance

Language: English

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Word Count: 23990

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Sample text:

Hopping off the bus at school with Ali was different and exciting. With our twin-status out in the open, I didn’t have to be nervous about walking into school with her, and someone spilling the beans. That morning while we were getting ready, I was excited to share clothes with her. I had a smaller collection of clothes, and they weren’t nearly as nice as hers, but she was just as excited as me. It was something sisters did, and with us being twins, it was even cooler.

She’d decided on a turquoise colored skirt that buttoned down the front and a white top with little flared sleeves. I hadn’t worn either of those things for ages, but Ali really liked them. I was so glad to see her happy with what she was wearing. And the headband that she found in my cupboard was a perfect match for the turquoise skirt. While I missed the quality and selection of her beautiful designer clothes, I felt happier wearing my own things. I guess I just felt more comfortable being me in my usual shorts, jeans and t-shirts. That morning I was dressed in my favorite black jeans and a striped pink and white top, and I was hoping for a glimpse of Jake getting off his bus. Whether I was being Casey or Ali, I had a special radar for him. When I did spot him, he was with his little brother, Matt. He had his hand on Matt’s shoulder and they were heading towards us. Jake smiled broadly, and my whole body broke into tingles. Then an explosion of butterflies fluttered around in my stomach, making it a struggle to appear calm and as though nothing was out of the ordinary. As they approached, Matt wrinkled his nose at us. “Wow, Lucas was right, you two really do look alike.” “That’s because we’re twins,” I explained, catching Jake’s eyes. If he had a crush on Ali, I was hoping he realized that she and I looked exactly alike; but we were just different in personality. 


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