Books for Girls - Twins: Book 4: Consequences! Girls Books 9-12 by Katrina Kahler

Twins Book 4 continues the eventful story of two identical twin girls who have finally been reunited after their separation at birth.

Books for girls - twins: book 4: consequences! girls books 9-12

Twins Book 4 continues the eventful story of two identical twin girls who have finally been reunited after their separation at birth. When their decision to swap places does not go according to plan, the girls are forced to face consequences beyond their control.

Things start to become very complicated and this is not at all what they had in mind. How will they deal with what lays in their path, and what unforeseen circumstances will their choices lead to? 

This is another captivating story that you are sure to enjoy. It is a great book for girls full of suspense, drama and friendship, and includes all the elements that girls 9-12 love to read about. A fabulous series for girls of all ages.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Girls & Women

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Love & Romance

Language: English

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Word Count: 26728

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Sample text:

Today was crazier than I ever expected. Although it was a huge relief to be myself again, it was strange at the same time. After pretending to be Casey for some many days, I was becoming mixed up with which name I should respond to. I had to keep reminding myself I was Ali again. It was so confusing. Then the Jake thing happened. Jake had asked me to go out with him.

Jake had actually asked me out! As I waited for my dad to arrive, I watched all the kids run to their school buses or the cars in the parking lot, and the words were on constant rewind in my head. Jake asked me out! Repeating that in my mind still didn’t make it real. The best looking boy in our grade was actually interested in me. As much as I didn’t want to admit my crush, it was a little exciting. For a moment, I imagined Jake and me at the movies or just hanging out together. I’d never been out on a date with a boy before, and Jake would make a perfect first one. We had so much in common and got along so well. But I quickly pushed away those thoughts. It was absolutely not going to happen. I could never do that to Casey. Especially since we did this swap so that she could be with Jake. That had been the whole point. And she would never forgive me. Or would she? I shook my head. No, she wouldn’t! I tried to picture myself in her shoes and I was certain that I wouldn’t be okay with Casey going out with someone I liked first. Especially someone I’d had a crush on long before she arrived. She’d known him for much longer than me and had even told me right away that she liked him. It wasn’t until I hung out with him while I was pretending to be her that my feelings grew.Jake’s handsome face flashed through my mind. His brown eyes stared dreamily back at me as I pictured the scene in the hallway only ten minutes earlier. “Hey, Ali, I was thinking we could do something together this week. 


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