Blood on the Moon by Cassiel Knight

A sexy tomb raider reunites with an ex-lover to find an ancient weapon with a taste for human blood.

Blood on the moon

An attack forces a tomb raider to hunt for the flaming arrows of the goddess Sekhmet, which triggers a chain of events that shove her and her ex-lover, an Egyptologist, into a war between Egyptian gods and goddesses. Will the woman with a Grand Canyon-sized independent streak and a man who disapproves of all she is find a way to build a bridge between two souls meant for each other? Or will secrets destroy any chance at rekindling their love? Blood on the Moon features the half-immortal children of Egypt’s gods and goddesses born to protect mankind against deadly relics.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: egyptian, mythology, sekhmet, romance, paranorma, gods, goddessess

Word Count: 88,000

Sample text:

Rappelling into a potentially bottomless pit—priceless. Engaging in a no-win discussion—a freaking waste of time.

Mia blew out a breath and swung her head from side to side. White light from her headlamp bounced off the smooth andesitic rock wall in front of and behind her. Ugh. How did she get herself into this mess? Ass in the air, blackness below and a bad decision standing above her.

“I don’t have time for this,” she growled.

From above, Graham Reynolds, her business partner of three years, and recently, the other half of her mistake brought on by too many Pisco Sours, shouted down at her, “What’d you say?”

“I’m a little busy. Can we talk about this later?” The need to continue to the bottom of the unexplored cisterna danced over her skin.

Why was he bothering her with this now? Ah, but you knew this was coming, Mia.

Over the last two days, all the signs were there. Subtle hints he figured her sleeping with him, one freaking time, meant something besides a release and an overabundance of alcohol. But she’d been too careless, or deliberately obtuse, and dismissed the noises he made about making their partnership, and relationship, something much more permanent.

Graham, a smudged blob in front of the cave’s low light, crouched at the lip of the pit. As he usually did, he’d stayed above to be her belayer. Not that she’d have let him go first. Her hunt; her choice.

“No,” he answered.

Her lips pulled into a snarl before she responded. “Why the hell not?”

“Because this way, I have your undivided attention, Mia-mine.”

She let out an exasperated sigh as she peered into the beckoning depths. If he got off her back, she’d be the first one in the pit. The first one to find its treasures.

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