Bipolar II - (Beyond the Unhappy Diagnosis and into a Happy Life) by Evelyn Tomson

A positive look an a hard diagnosis

Bipolar ii - (beyond the unhappy diagnosis and into a happy life)

A personal story about the way the author found out  about her diagnosis,how she went through the ups and downs of it in a positive, optimistic way until she found her balance and happiness.

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing / General

Language: English

Keywords: Bipolar II, depression , hypo-mania, happiness, balance , harmony

Word Count: 13770

Sales info:

It has been released by TEKTIME, an Italian based publishing house. It is new, as of Jan. 2021.

I have no info. about the ranking.

Sample text:

Find the thing you love doing and pursue doing it. I love my present job and I know my limits. Yes I have been out of my comfort zone a lot. Yes, I have been to hell and back, to a mental care unit, but I can handle my worst conditions. And I had promised my family not to stop this treatment which is working. Look it is similar to diabetics or high blood-pressure patients who have to take pills all their life but that is life. It is hard sometimes. It is sunnier at other times. But with this book you are prepared. You know the worst that can happen. And above all you know there are ways out of the situation. Look for them. Find a doctor you can trust and try what he/she advises you to.

If you a free-styler you may choose to live without pills. That is also fine as long as you do not give up on life. Depressions can be mild but they can be severe. In case your depression become severe, look for help, talk about it to a friend, or friends, go and see a doctor. Because often in a severe depression one has bad thoughts, meaning you get suicidal. If you do get such thoughts, go to a doctor. The road is not easy, but there is a way out. Trust me. We all want to live, believe me. I know it for sure, because of my cancer diagnosis. Take a chance while you still have one. Make a small step each day of your life and be a giver, if you can. Give a helping hand, listen to close friends…Depressions are among the top 5 illnesses of 21st century.

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