Belters by Greg Alldredge

A Space Oddity

Humans strike out for interstellar space and find they are not alone.


While humanity races toward the stars…

…They never expected to find company.

The Earth is dying, fractured by conflict, pollution, and disease. Old divisions make the jump to space. Can they survive?

Life spreads, as the Moon, Mars, and Ceres all become hubs for human expansion. Earth provides an ever-ready source of bodies willing to risk all for space.

For the wheelchair-bound Jacob, a chance to leave proves a no brainer…

… Freedom waits for him. Zero gravity becomes his great equalizer.

All is not bliss. Secretive corporations call the shots. Humankind struggles to find a place in the dark, free of Earth’s influence.

An unexplained gamma-ray burst threatens the delicate balance. Weapon, alien, or terrestrial, the cause must be discovered.

Three unlikely ships join together in an extraordinary interplanetary adventure. All to seek the truth and discover what lies beyond.

Follow humanity as they make a leap to the stars, long before discovering Far Reach Station.

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Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Space Opera

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Alien Contact

Language: English

Keywords: Space Opera, first contact, aliens, spaceships, ESP, mind control, future downfall, time, gravity, Space Flight, explorers, colonies, station, AI, dystopian earth, mega corporations, odyssey, runaway government, human downfall, technology, colonization, interstellar, conspiracy, action, adventure, espionage, mining

Word Count: 84140

Sales info:

I have over 30 books published in several SF/F sub-genres; I would like to increase my international readership. 

Sample text:

Elliot stared at the numbers flowing over his screen. “John… How is sector forty-three… I’m reading a slight variance in the processing speed.”

The disembodied voice of John answered back, “I find all systems within acceptable parameters.”

Life in deep space remained boring. Even the most advanced ship in the solar system could not make the tedium of space travel any more exciting.

The John Huss was a marvel of computer engineering, and Elliot was fortunate to be one of the crew, the only person who kept the computer system running smoothly. The loneliness of space was compounded by the fact that Elliot spent his shift alone, segregated in the main computer core, far away from the rest of the crew. His only companion was the computer interface that made the John Huss unique.

He removed his augmented reality helm and let it retract to the storage armature. A push of a button rotated the workstation from a bed to more of a recliner.

Past the six backup monitors hung a portrait of John, an elderly black man, statically placed over the direct access panel to the computer core.

The first in its class, the Huss, was an experimental ship designed around the unique computer and the life it held. Very few things on Earth could claim to be the first and unique. Elliot felt honored to be stationed on this one. The posting was a career-maker, a once in a lifetime chance.

Life proved a word thrown around too lightly these days. Too many people were quick to ascribe human qualities to inorganic beings. Even toys with complex algorithms were ascribed lifelike qualities, but the John Huss was different.

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